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Optimize Your Datacenter Workloads with All-Flash Solutions for Private Clouds

Tegile Systems in Partnershipwith Cisco Systems Today, Tegile welcomes Cisco’s expansion of the MDS 9000 family to include an analytics-ready 32G Fiber Channel Module on MDS 9700 Directors and a new 32G Host Bus Adapter for the UCS C-Series. With the exponential rise in cloud and big data bandwidth, Tegile has partnered with Cisco’s datacenter… Go to article

Flash Storage Goes to Hollywood

A 30-second HD television commercial can take up to 10TB of data storage while it’s in production. Your average major blockbuster film produces 740TB of stored data. A 3-hour professional sports game produces 26TB of storage data (more if it goes into overtime… damn you, Falcons!). With the wide use of ultra-high resolution video and… Read more »

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Drive over to Lifetime Storage & avoid the highway to hell

Buying storage can be stressful How do you plan for capacity and performance needs of the future — when you’re constricted by budget today? Looking to the future, as NVMe becomes practical would you rather buy a new array in 3 years – or get a new system from Tegile as part of your Lifetime… Read more »

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What does an installation of flash storage look like?

When Mary Lanning Healthcare takes care of patients, they mean their records, too. To store medical records and keep business applications running at top performance, Mary Lanning Healthcare relies on flash storage arrays from Tegile. Growth means need for more storage Exponential growth at this healthcare provider caused the need for more storage. Over the… Read more »

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Can you swap out storage — and trade up at the same time?

They say when you change partners, it’s smart to trade up. Can you swap storage — keep pricing the same or less — and still trade up? You can when you swap your legacy storage with next-gen flash storage from Tegile. IntelliSwap is the intelligent wayfor Storage pros to swap out old storage– and upgrade… Read more »

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When you pay as you go, there is no stress to buying storage

IntelliPay Utility Pricing What if you could only pay for storage that you used? If so, you’d have the benefits of on-premise infrastructure with a cost model like the public Cloud. As your company grows, and your storage needs grow, IntelliPay Utility Pricing allows you to pay for only the storage that you consume. Additionally,… Read more »

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Get off the Highway to Hell, er Dell

It has already started: we are hearing from end users that Dell/EMC reps are asking owners of VNX, Compellent and other storage platforms to prematurely retire their systems and switch to the Unity storage platform. In some instances, Dell/EMC is claiming that they will swap systems only for the cost of a premium maintenance service… Read more »

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Storage Layers Moving to Memory Pools

The storage industry is changing at a blindingly fast pace. The vendor landscape is in flux and the technology adoption curve is accelerating every year. As the year comes to a close, many analysts and members of the press like to discuss predictions for the upcoming year. The future of storage: persistent memory pools At… Read more »

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IntelliFlash HD achieves lowest TCO for private cloud

When it comes to buying data center storage, performance is a very important metric. However, from an industry perspective, performance is now on par when comparing most major all-flash storage vendors because the storage is all derived from the same NAND flash. It’s how you implement storage that matters most. Top Three Criteria to Select… Read more »

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Get the Tegile IntelliFlash App for Splunk

With the creation of the new Tegile IntelliFlash App for Splunk, today we announced an ability to run Splunk on Tegile. Through this ability, Splunk users can now capture insights from machine-generated data by combining Splunk’s platform with Tegile’s unique storage infrastructure that includes multiple grades of storage media in one storage appliance. Get the… Read more »

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