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The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Earlier this year, the UK government released a new Data Protection Bill to replace the Data Protection Act of 1998 (“DPA”) and “bring data protection laws in the UK up to date.” The bill’s primary function will be to bring the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) into domestic law. As governments, communities, organizations, and individuals… Read more »

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Tegile Signs Agreement to be Acquired by Western Digital

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Western Digital, Inc, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tegile Systems. Western Digital is the world’s largest storage company, holding more than fifty percent of the world’s data. Since the early days of Tegile, Western Digital has been a great partner of ours – first… Read more »

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Revved Up for VMworld – See You in Vegas!

I’m pumped for this year’s VMworld next week! It’s such a great opportunity to learn new things and network with subject matter experts and IT professionals in our field. Plus, it’s just nice to let loose a little and have some fun. Last year at VMworld, we ROCKED the house. This year, it’s all about SPEED…. Read more »

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Rest Easy With Data-At-Rest Encryption

Recently, there have been a flurry of data breaches within government agencies and commercial organizations. One thing all of these events have in common is that sensitive information — personal, financial or medical — was stolen and/or exposed. These events show the importance of protecting data itself — not just the network. According to Lloyd’s… Read more »

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“I just bought the Tesla of All-Flash Storage!”

Those were the words of Jim, one of our long-standing customers, who recently purchased our newest iteration of IntelliFlash HD multi-tiered flash array. After having put the system through its paces over the last six months, he was giddy about what HD can deliver for his business. A 20-year IT veteran, Jim is a straight… Read more »

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Zerto, Tegile Team to Offer Business Continuity at the Speed of Flash

Flash has made huge inroads into latency-sensitive applications, such as ERP and medical records databases. The acceleration of these workflows have truly accelerated businesses. One Tegile customer, Cherry Health, is able to handle 62,000 more patient visits per year just by moving from disk to flash for their primary storage. But flash has been expensive… Read more »

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Measuring Oracle Database 12c Performance on a Tegile All-Flash Array

Data Storage vendors always (or should) want to ensure that they build systems that solve customers’ application requirements and issues. As a leading provider of flash memory data storage systems, Tegile Systems is no different. Additionally, since our storage platform is being “built for speed,” we continually conduct performance benchmarks to ensure that we have a… Read more »

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Running applications at the speed of memory

Businesses are in a never-ending quest to make their applications run faster. It’s become human nature for us to expect instantaneous response times. After all, faster IT services ultimately improves worker productivity, enhances customer service, and increases revenue. To eek out additional performance, IT managers get faster CPUs, add more memory, re-architect application workflows, etc…. Read more »

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Optimize Your Datacenter Workloads with All-Flash Solutions for Private Clouds

Tegile Systems in Partnershipwith Cisco Systems Today, Tegile welcomes Cisco’s expansion of the MDS 9000 family to include an analytics-ready 32G Fiber Channel Module on MDS 9700 Directors and a new 32G Host Bus Adapter for the UCS C-Series. With the exponential rise in cloud and big data bandwidth, Tegile has partnered with Cisco’s datacenter… Go to article

Flash Storage Goes to Hollywood

A 30-second HD television commercial can take up to 10TB of data storage while it’s in production. Your average major blockbuster film produces 740TB of stored data. A 3-hour professional sports game produces 26TB of storage data (more if it goes into overtime… damn you, Falcons!). With the wide use of ultra-high resolution video and… Read more »

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