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Measuring Oracle Database 12c Performance on a Tegile All-Flash Array

Data Storage vendors always (or should) want to ensure that they build systems that solve customers’ application requirements and issues. As a leading provider of flash memory data storage systems, Tegile Systems is no different. Additionally, since our storage platform is being “built for speed,” we continually conduct performance benchmarks to ensure that we have a… Read more »

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Optimize Your Datacenter Workloads with All-Flash Solutions for Private Clouds

Tegile Systems in Partnershipwith Cisco Systems Today, Tegile welcomes Cisco’s expansion of the MDS 9000 family to include an analytics-ready 32G Fiber Channel Module on MDS 9700 Directors and a new 32G Host Bus Adapter for the UCS C-Series. With the exponential rise in cloud and big data bandwidth, Tegile has partnered with Cisco’s datacenter… Go to article

Tegile Partners with Amazon to Launch IntelliDrone

While most enterprise storage vendors are scrambling for ways to partner with Amazon’s cloud computing division, Tegile has taken a different path. The flash storage pioneer is teaming up with Amazon to leapfrog the industry’s legacy service delivery model with IntelliDrone. IntelliDrone is tightly integrated with Tegile’s predictive analytics platform called IntelliCare which monitors millions… Read more »

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Achieve New Levels of Automation with Cisco UCS & Tegile

Manually performing actions like creating VMs, provisioning, cloning is time-consuming—especially when you’re operating at “Cloud” scale. So data center automation is a vital step to maximize operational efficiency. To that end, we’ve worked closely with Cisco to integrate Tegile flash storage arrays with UCS Director 6.0, so you can consolidate management and provisioning. This adds… Read more »

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HPE Bought Nimble, But Can They Get Nimble?

HPE is acquiring Nimble Storage for $1.09 billion. Now that caught me by surprise! Before my time at Tegile, I was an HP employee (they weren’t HPE yet back then) by means of their acquisition of 3PAR, so I have some unique perspectives that I would like to share and would love your comments on… Read more »

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Acquiring Customers to Achieve Long-Term Sustainable Scale

Listen to Tegile CEO Rohit Kshetrapal as he reveals his firm’s venture path and growth-versus-scale philosophy that has allowed Tegile to avoid business practices that have frequently tripped up Silicon Valley firms.

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SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005 End of Life

Where do we go from here? Microsoft ended the Extended Support for SQL Server 2005 on April 12, 2016. For SQL Server 2008, Mainstream Support ended on July 8, 2014, and Extended Support will run out in short order. So what does that mean for IT shops that still have their critical SQL Server databases… Read more »

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Think Different with Microsoft SQL Server

What does a Tesla Model S and an Apple MacBook Air have in common? Apart from being trendsetters in their categories and immensely popular with consumers, they were original products of imagination—not a result of incremental improvement. In that same vein, flash storage has revolutionized the data center. DBAs and IT architects must take that… Read more »

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Delivering a Converged Infrastructure for the DoD Cyber Range

Big data is being used in cyber defense to accelerate recognition of patterns that represent threats to the network. These insights are enabling organizations of all types to predict and prevent potential cyber attacks before they occur. Take for example the Cyber Range, a self-contained virtual computing environment that’s capable of simulating real-life operations so… Read more »

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Bang! WD transforms itself with SanDisk

And the flash industry hits just keep on coming! This morning Western Digital announced they were acquiring Flash industry leader SanDisk for $19 billion. It’s the biggest news since last week when Dell announced they were acquiring EMC for slightly more than three times as much. Considering that WD has a market cap in the… Read more »

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