Chat with Tegile on the road with Cisco — and make your future data center

In the movie, Caddyshack, golf pro Ty Webb advises golf caddy Danny how to take his best shot:


“I’m going to give you a little advice.  There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. All you have to do is get in touch with it.  Stop thinking.  Let things happen…and be…the ball.

See your future.  Be…your future.  Make your future!”

To which Danny replies, “How can I make my future when you keep talking to me?”

If you are a System Administrator, sometimes you can feel like Danny:  trying to plan for future needs in the data center, but overwhelmed by people who keep telling you what move you should make.  Should you create a private cloud or on-prem storage?  Should you use all-flash storage or hybrid?

What’s a System Administrator to do?
How can you keep your eye on the ball and support workloads today — and into the future?

Take your best shot:
Chat with Tegile and Cisco on the road
If everyone is counting on you to take your best shot, why not make it a winner?  Come out and tell Tegile what kind of workloads you are running — and we will share what kind of flash storage with Cisco networking can optimize performance today — and in the future.  See a real-world example of deploying a system that allows for future growth:  see what Tegile and Cisco did for the large government contractor, Mantech.

Make your future data center
  • Build a SAN that lasts 10 years
  • Understand your application growth and demand for data center space
  • Expect 5X ROI compared with legacy systems
  • Turn data into insights
  • Lower costs
Chat with Tegile on the Road with Cisco
Get warmed up
To get warmed up, we recommend that you request a demo.  Find out how Tegile’s support of multiple storage protocols works with Cisco’s multiple protocol coverage in the datacenter.

To find out more about how you can have one platform to run any workload, see Intellistack and Cisco’s Integrated Infrastructure solutions portfolio.

We hope to see you on the road with Cisco
We’ll share how you can take your best shot with Cisco and Tegile.  Speak with our experts and find out how you can build a SAN that supports workloads today and well into the future.

5 April Tampa, Florida
7 April Jacksonville, Florida
12 April Grand Rapids, Michigan
14 April Cleveland, Ohio
19 April Rochester, New York
20 April Birmingham, Alabama
21 April Las Vegas, Nevada
26 April La Vista, Nebraska
3 May Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5 May Little Rock, Arkansas
6 May Williamsburg, Virginia
10 May Charlotte, North Carolina
11 May Cincinnati, Ohio
12 May Raleigh, North Carolina
17 May New Haven, Connecticut
19 May Pewaukee, Wisconsin
24 May Baton Rouge, Louisiana
25 May Salt Lake City, Utah

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