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Flash is an equalizer, not the magic, the magic is how it is used

A lot of people, especially financial analysts and investors, have been missing the point for far too long with respect to enterprise flash storage vendors. When the flash revolution started, many thought that somehow simply replacing disk drives with flash memory modules was going to be the end-all of enterprise storage. That’s not how it… Read more »

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Tegile Flash arrays for VDI and SQL at Ameriben, a company with an elevated core purpose

Kelly Simper and David Musgrave from Ameriben visited Tegile HQ recently for a briefing. You couldn’t meet two nicer people. They both talked about Ameriben’s Core Purpose, which is: “Changing lives by developing great leaders in family, business, community, and the world.” As an insurance and claims services company, Ameriben leverages their core beliefs to… Read more »

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Witness the Storage Universe Transformation at VMworld 2015

Come Check Out Our Booth! Flash is changing the storage world and Tegile is happily one of its catalysts. You’ll have fun at our booth (#1037) talking to smart storage people, seeing our IntelliFlash arrays and touching, stroking and possibly winning a gorgeous Audi A7. Yes, we are giving away a car (3-year lease) and… Read more »

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