About Tegile

Tegile Systems is pioneering a new generation of affordable feature-rich storage arrays that are dramatically faster, and can store more data than standard arrays. Incorporating Tegile’s unique metadata handling technology, IntelliFlash™, Tegile arrays deliver caching and on the fly de-duplication and compression for primary storage. Hundreds of customers in the financial services, manufacturing, government, legal, healthcare and transportation industry sectors have deployed Tegile arrays as primary storage in virtualized server, virtualized desktop (VDI), file services and database environments as well as for replicated storage. Being a multi-protocol device and delivering leadership data reduction rates, customers find many concurrent uses for the same array, and in many instances deploy several systems throughout their enterprise.  Early Tegile customer, Washington & Lee University, now has eight Tegile IntelliFlash arrays in use throughout the campus.  Tegile is led by a successful team of industry veterans and is committed to a philosophy of “customer first.”


Virtualization, cloud adoption and rapidly growing data sets mean that today’s IT managers need storage arrays that deliver faster performance, higher capacities and robust data protection with near-instant recovery times. IT managers want these arrays to be affordable, efficient and easier to use. Additionally, they want to work with a supplier that listens to their specific needs and provides customer support as an integral part of their offering, not as an afterthought.

Most of the mainstream disk arrays available today are based on graying product lines dressed up with incremental modifications. These over-priced systems are based on old architectures, legacy hardware, complex command line management interfaces, and pay-by-feature software. Because of the intense data handling aspects of features such as de-duplication, even nominally fast arrays cannot practically implement it for primary data. Simply swapping out slower hard disks for high performance flash is not the answer as this approach fails to address costly challenges such as capacity scaling, manageability, and long term data retention.

Additionally, IT managers often have special situations where using a mass-produced array is like forcing a square peg into a round hole. For example, iSCSI arrays that don’t support fibre channel force IT managers to manage inefficient silos of data. Sometimes, IT managers need a little one-on-one support from a true storage expert, not just the well-intentioned efforts of an IT generalist.
The Tegile Systems team saw opportunity in these challenges, so set about becoming the “innovation partner” IT managers really need to deliver a new generation of storage arrays that address all of the demands of the modern data center, backed by expert customer support.

Tegile’s IntelliFlash Storage Arrays

Tegile’s IntelliFlash line of hybrid storage arrays is up to 5 times faster than all hard disk-based arrays and significantly less expensive than all solid-state disk-based arrays. The usable capacity of a Tegile array is up to 5 times its raw capacity because of Tegile’s on-the-fly data compression and de-duplication technology. Tegile provides better data protection than standard arrays with its no-single-point-of-failure architecture, built-in auto-snapshot, auto-replication, near-instant recovery, on- or offsite failover capabilities. IntelliFlash arrays integrate easily into both SAN and NAS environments. Its comprehensive and intuitive browser-based dashboard, with its configuration wizard and analytical tools, is easier to use and more helpful than other user interfaces.

The Tegile Difference

Tegile’s patented technology underpins the company’s pioneering delivery of advanced, cost-effective storage for 21st century data centers. Tegile’s IntelliFlash architecture uniquely combines a Redirect on Write (ROW) file system with proprietary Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) technology to realize the holy grail of storage – high performance, high capacity and high reliability at low cost. It combines this unique technology approach with best in class data protection features, the most reliable hardware and an extremely friendly user interface to take storage to a whole new level of usability.

Tegile’s highly experienced team underpins its reputation as the IT manager’s “innovation partner.” When customers need help, real experts are there for them. When a customer provides feedback, Tegile executives evaluate it immediately. When multiple customers provide the same feedback Tegile take immediate action to see how it can benefit all customers. This simple process makes Tegile the ideal data storage partner for business, government and educational organizations.

Tegile Systems was founded by a team of seasoned industry veterans who have a long track record of working together in building solid companies with successful offerings, such as the Perfigo Network Admission Control appliance (acquired by Cisco). The company is privately funded by August Capital, Meritech Capital, as well as technology ventures from HGST and Sandisk.