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Accelerate your Business by Accelerating
Data Storage

Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of enterprise IT by changing the performance and economics of enterprise storage. Our flash storage arrays, with patented IntelliFlash™ architecture, deliver high I/O and low latency for business applications such as databases, server virtualization and virtual desktops. Our customers achieve business acceleration and unmatched storage capacity reduction.

Compromise Nothing

Our Intelligent Flash Arrays enable you to dial up or down the amount of flash storage to meet the specific performance needs of your applications. Get the high performance of flash with the economics of disk storage.

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Businesses of All Sizes Trust their Applications on Tegile Storage

Since 2010, we’ve provided innovative flash-optimized storage solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to accelerate their applications, reduce their storage footprint and cut operational costs. With demand growing for bigger data and faster service, your data storage choices can make or break your business. Accelerate your business with Tegile’s all-flash and hybrid storage solutions.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Tegile’s management team brings years of experience in data storage, virtualization and networking.

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