Only Tegile offers a comprehensive portfolio of Intelligent Flash Arrays
enabling you to choose a flash storage solution that’s right for you.

Intelligent Flash Storage Systems

Performance, Economics, Data Management – Compromise Nothing

Tegile’s portfolio of Intelligent Flash Arrays are designed to accelerate a wide variety of your enterprise applications – from smaller workloads to mission-critical deployments.  Our flash arrays deliver a comprehensive set of data management capabilities while seamlessly supporting different storage media (hard disks, dense flash, high-performance flash) under a single storage operating system.  Dial up or down the amount of flash storage to meet the specific performance needs of your applications.  Get the high performance of flash with the economics of disk storage.


Think And not Or

Ideal for balanced performance & cost


Looking for a new class of enterprise storage systems that is faster than legacy arrays and less expensive than all-flash arrays?  Tegile Hybrid Arrays feature SAN and NAS connectivity, a comprehensive set of data management capabilities, and appealing economics for a wide range of consolidated and virtualized business workloads.





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Ideal for highest performance & low latency


We understand that you cannot compromise between performance and resilience when it comes to business-critical applications. So we’ve designed platforms that deliver enterprise-grade flash performance without the potential for any service interruption or delay. Run your Tier-1 workloads on Tegile Intelligent All-Flash Arrays.




Intelligent, Flash Optimized Software Architecture

Designed for the Enterprise and optimized for flash, IntelliFlash™ is a storage operating system that seamlessly accommodates different storage media and provides advanced data management capabilities for data protection, data reduction and disaster recovery. With IntelliFlash, you can deploy all-flash or a mixture of flash and hard disk in a single storage system.

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Accelerate your Enterprise Applications and Transform your Business

Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays accelerate the performance of your enterprise applications while delivering dramatic improvements in the utilization, footprint and economics of your storage infrastructure. Integration and certifications from leading enterprise applications ensures performance and compatibility.

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IntelliCare Flash 5 Guarantee

The Most Comprehensive Storage Guarantee

Most enterprise storage purchases include consideration of five key principles. Tegile has put a guarantee behind all of these, giving you the confidence you’ve made the best storage purchase possible.

  • 5x faster performance compared to traditional storage
  • 5 years of fresh flash with free controller upgrades
  • 5:1 data reduction in well-virtualized environments
  • 5$ per gigabyte of high-endurance eMLC flash
  • 5 nines availability — that’s 99.999% uptime

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