Flexible Financing for the Industry’s Most Flexible Storage Platform

Business units love the economic flexibility of the public cloud storage, but many times they need the performance integrity, security and control that on-premises storage offers. Tegile’s IntelliPay utility-based pricing option brings the economics of the public cloud to flash storage that you host in your own data center.

Less Expensive Than Amazon AWS
and Azure Cloud Storage

Surprisingly, deploying a Tegile flash storage system can cost less on per-month basis than using Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Because managing Tegile arrays is so simple, very little personnel overhead needs to be allocated to storage, making the TCO of storage very compelling.

A Smart Meter
for Your Data

Just like the power utility meters your electricity consumption, IntelliPay meters your storage consumption; you only pay for the storage you consume. And a monthly invoice is sent in a low cost GB-month unit of measure.

Monetize Data Reduction

All Tegile arrays use inline deduplication and compression. IntelliPay measures storage consumption after these data reduction technologies reduce your data footprint. Therefore, data reduction turns directly into cost savings. For example, a 3:1 data reduction ratio yields a 66% saving in storage costs.

Traditional Leases Also Available

If a variable cost model is not preferred, Tegile offers traditional leases that hold a residual value at the end of the lease term – or you can opt for a $1 buyout.

Smooth Out the Cost of Your Next Array

When combined with Tegile’s Lifetime Storage program, the cost of your next array is amortized across the 36-month term of your IntelliPay contract. Say goodbye to begging for CAPEX budget for your new storage and adios to surprise maintenance agreements.

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