Cloud Analytics & Support

Storage administration can be a time-consuming, manual process. Simplify storage administration and maximize the efficiency and uptime of your Tegile storage arrays with IntelliCare.

IntelliCare is a comprehensive support platform that’s driven by cloud analytics and backed by our team of storage experts.

Why IntelliCare

Lower Operating

Save time and reduce operating expenses by simplifying storage management.

Proactively Manage
Your Storage

Anticipate future problems and keep your Tegile arrays operating in top condition.


Resolve issues before they cause component or system failures.

Cloud Analytics

IntelliCare collects millions of different data points from Tegile storage arrays around the world, including capacity usage, configurations, and system health and performance.

Servers in the cloud then process and analyze data to detect issues and identify patterns that can help predict trends. No need to install any agents or stand up your own infrastructure.

Web Portal

Use IntelliCare to monitor all of your Tegile arrays from a single web portal. Simply log in and you have a wealth of information at your fingertips:

  • Configuration details and pool, project, share, and LUN properties
  • Storage space usage and aggregate data reduction rates
  • Critical and non-critical alerts
  • Current and historical performance, including IOPS, bandwidth, latency, and cache hits

You have the power to accurately predict future requirements and learn about problems before they develop into component or system failures.

Proactive Alerts

Keep your Tegile arrays operating at top condition. Set up proactive alerts for the following events:

  • Space alerts based on linear regression analysis of space usage
  • Threshold alerts for disks (e.g., media errors, transport errors, SMART stats)
  • High Availability (HA) alerts (e.g., improper failover/failback)

Proactive Support

Tegile’s team of storage experts use information gathered by IntelliCare to spot issues across the entire customer base.

When a problem is detected, they know which arrays are affected and can take proactive measures to quickly resolve the issue. Depending on the severity, we will notify customers, open a support ticket, and/or dispatch replacement parts.

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Our Guarantee

We think you’re going to love your Tegile array, but if you’re not sure, we back up our storage arrays with an amazing guarantee.

  • 5x faster performance compared to traditional storage
  • 5 years of flat support pricing with fresh flash and free controller upgrades
  • 5:1 data reduction in well-virtualized environments
  • 5$ per gigabyte of high-endurance eMLC flash
  • 5 nines availability — that's 99.999% uptime

Be confident you’ve made the right purchase. If you stand by us, we’ll stand by you.

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