IntelliFlash CP

Rack-Scale Flash Storage for Private Clouds

Best of Both Worlds

The performance and economics of flash are improving at blindingly fast rates. IntelliFlash CP harnesses the performance of NVMe SSDs and the economics of high-density flash, giving data-center leaders the opportunity to build a private cloud that delivers on all of the benefits of on-premise IT—but at a better cost than the public cloud.

Rack-Scale Flash

Scale Up,
Scale Out

Delivers increased performance through pooled resources.

Fast and

Enables hyper-scale agility via flexible, modular ultra-high-performance architecture.


Improves data-center operations with analytics-based telemetry.

What Is IntelliFlash CP

IntelliFlash CP stitches together multiple controllers to provide the ability to scale out horizontally as well as vertically across protocols. Controllers are shared across a global namespace and have shared access to multiple grades of media that data is intelligently placed upon. As a result, you can build massively scalable infrastructure with up to tens of petabytes of flash. Experience the resulting performance gains while benefiting from better than public cloud pricing.

“High-density flash combined with a very fast storage access layer will be paramount to datacenter transformation, We expect architectures like IntelliFlash CP to deliver a strong combination of performance, capacity and economics.”
          —Tim Stammers, Senior Analyst, 451 Group

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