IntelliFlash HD

One Flash Platform. ANY Workload

IntelliFlash HD is the latest storage innovation from Tegile Systems. By combining Tegile’s multi-controller scale out architecture and data management services with SanDisk’s latest flash technology in a high-density package, IntelliFlash HD delivers millions of IOPS and 1.4 PB of effective capacity in a compact 5U footprint, for less than 60 cents per effective GB.

Hyper-Consolidate Your Data Center

IntellFlash HD Scaleout

At the core of IntelliFlash HD is Tegile IntelliFlash OS, the same operating system that powers Tegile’s award-winning portfolio of all-flash and hybrid arrays.

IntelliFlash OS brings together several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence and data management to enable IntelliFlash HD to deliver unprecedented levels of consolidation, simplicity and economics.

Tegile arrays can already run any and all of an organization’s workloads. With IntelliFlash HD, it can run them faster and more economically than ever.


Scalable Architecture

Multi-controller scale up and out for sustained low-latency and performance at high scale

High Capacity Density

512TB in 3RU space with a SanDisk [SNDK] InfiniFlash dense flash enclosure, with a maximum of 10PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack

Sustained Performance

High throughput and sub-millisecond latency with millions of IOPS in a single rack

One Flash Platform

Supports high-performance flash, high-density flash, and hybrid-flash configurations on the same platform

Unified Storage

Native block (FC, iSCSI) AND file (NFS, CIFS/SMB3) access

Comprehensive Data Services

Snapshots, clones, and thin provisioning, along with inline deduplication and compression

Affordable Disaster Recovery

Replicate between all-flash AND hybrid configurations

Simplified Management

Single UI management for all operations

VMware Support

Integrates with VMware SRM, VAAI, VASA, and Virtual Volumes


  • A Single Platform For Any and All of Your Workloads – Tegile arrays deliver performance, capacity, and economics in one package. IntelliFlash HD gives you even more.
  • The Performance You Want – With up to 5 million IOPS, IntelliFlash HD can handle your most intense workloads.
  • The Capacity You Need – Performance means nothing if you don’t have the space to use it. IntelliFlash HD delivers up to 10 Petabytes of capacity on a single rack. That’s 10,000 TBs.
  • Amazing Economics – With the ability to run all-flash and hybrid on the same platform, you can find a balance between performance and cost.
  • Simple Scaling – As needs change, you can add all-flash or hybrid storage to any configuration.
  • Unmatched Compatibility – IntelliFlash is ready for your IT environment.
  • Save on Power, Cooling, and Labor – Flash is more energy efficient, and data reduction means less to maintain. A single platform also means less upkeep.