IntelliFlash™ Storage Arrays

Architected for Performance and Capacity As data demands for performance and capacity rapidly increase, IT departments are challenged to deliver increased storage performance, scalability and capacity with the same efficiency and costs. At the same time application workloads such as server virtualization, virtual desktops (VDI), online transaction processing (OLTP) and real-time analytics are further driving demand for storage infrastructure that can keep up. Tegile Intelligent Storage Arrays with IntelliFlash helps IT boost storage utilization and efficiency while delivering unmatched storage savings and performance. IntelliFlash Architecture IntelliFlash is what makes Tegile storage arrays deliver game-changing performance and storage economics. It does this by optimizing flash and metadata handling with inline data reduction. Traditional storage systems store data and metadata together, with metadata being interleaved with data on disks. Over time, with data being modified, deleted, and rewritten, metadata becomes very fragmented on disk. In addition, traditional data de-duplication also can cause metadata to multiply and grow rapidly. As metadata grows, it causes significant deterioration in a system’s behavior over time. With IntelliFlash, Tegile storage arrays organize and store metadata, independent of the data, on dedicated high performance DRAM and flash with optimized retrieval paths. Combined with Tegile’s advanced flash-driven caching algorithms, Tegile’s metadata handling accelerates every storage function within the system, raising the performance of hybrid storage systems to the level of solid state drives. The Flexibility to Choose Hybrid or All-Flash

Zebi Flash Storage Device Pricing

Whether you need to balance performance and high capacity with a hybrid array or the sustained high performance with low latency of an all-flash array, the Tegile Intelligent Flash Storage Array portfolio can satisfy any and all of these requirements cost effectively, while providing the same operating software, same feature set and same experience across our entire product line. Up to 10:1 Data Reduction IntelliFlash delivers In-line compression and de-duplication on SSD and hard disk throughout  the array. This helps significantly reduce storage acquisition and operational cost. Redundant operating system images in a virtual server platform are reduced to a single instance stored in flash. Hundreds or thousands of persistent VDI instances are shrunk down to one single boot image that can launch in seconds. NAS and SAN from the same array enjoy the flexibility of choice in how your storage is connected to your servers. No more silos of storage in your data center. FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS SMB are all supported. Purpose-built for Virtualization One-click virtual machine optimized storage creation enables hundreds of virtual machines and desktops to be deployed in minutes, not hours. VM-Aware management tools let storage be provisioned, monitored and managed in virtual machine granularity – LUNs, file systems and RAID groups are a thing of the past for virtualization administrators. Built-in Business Continuity VMware and Microsoft integrated snapshots and remote replication shrink backup windows to almost nothing and eliminate the need for backup windows. Thin replication transmits only changed data to reduce the burden on the WAN. Storage Simplified Single-click provisioning through application-optimized aware templates and integrated backup and replication without complex backend software.

Model HA2100 HA2130 HA2100EP HA2130EP HA2300 HA2400 HA2800 T3400 T3800
Processor 2x Xeon E5620 2x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5620 4x Xeon E5-2450 4x Xeon E5-2450
DRAM Memory 96 GB 96 GB 192 GB 192 GB 192 GB 192 GB 192 GB 192 GB 192 GB
Flash Memory 600 GB 1200 GB 1200 GB 2400 GB 1200 GB 2200 GB 4400 GB 28.2 TB 48 TB
Min: Raw Capacity 22 TB 33 TB 16 TB 24 TB 16 TB 11 TB 4.4 TB 26 TB 48 TB
Max: Raw Capacity with Expansion Shelves 100 TB 150 TB 120 TB 180 TB 144 TB 139 TB 148.4 TB 314 TB 336 TB
Min: Effective Capacity* 110 TB 165 TB 80 TB 120 TB 80 TB 55 TB 22 TB 130 TB 240 TB
Max: Effective Capacity* with Expansion Shelves 500 TB 750 TB 600 TB 900 TB 720 TB 695 TB 742 TB 1 PB 1.68 PB
Form Factor (Rack Units) 3U 3U 3U 3U 2U 2U 2U 2U 2U
Weight (Lbs) 102 102 102 102 80 80 80 80 80
Power (W) 535 535 670 670 500 475 450 475 450
1 Gbps Ethernet Ports 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
1 Gbps IP-KVM Lights-out Management Port 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Optional Connectivity Dual-port 4/8 Fibre Channel, Dual-port 10GbE Copper/Fiber, Quad-port 1 Gbps Ethernet
Protocols SAN Protocol Support (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS Protocol Support (NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)
Data Services De-duplication, Compression, Thin Provisioning, Snapshots, Remote Replication, Application Profiles
Management Web browser, SSH, IP-KVM
Redundancy No single point of failure, Active-Active High Availability Architecture
Standard 90 Days: 24×7 support via phone and email. Next business day hardware replacement parts.Free software updates
Optional 1, 3 or 5 years: 24×7 support via phone and email. Next business day hardware replacement parts.Free software updatesOnsite Gold Level Support: 4 hour onsite support with optional onsite hardware kitOnsite Silver Level Support: Next business day onsite technical support

* – uses a typical 5X data reduction factor to reach effective capacities quoted. Actual reduction rates depend on the data set

Model J2100 J2130 ES2300 ES2400 ES4000 ES4100 ES3800 ES4800
Flash Memory 600 GB 1200 GB 800 GB 1200 GB - 1600 GB 48 TB 144 TB
Raw Capacity 26 TB 39 TB 20 TB 18 TB 72 TB 64 TB 48 TB 144 TB
Form Factor (Rack Units) 3U 3U 2U 2U 4U 4U 2U 4U
Weight (Lbs) 80 80 50 50 105 105 50 105
Power (W) 235 235 225 225 750 750 225 750