Transform your business by transforming your storage infrastructure.
Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays enable the consolidation, virtualization, and acceleration
of enterprise applications with unmatched economics.

Server Virtualization

Virtualize & Consolidate Business-Critical Applications with Confidence

Is an aging storage infrastructure holding you back from realizing the full potential of virtualization?  Eliminate the storage I/O barriers to a fully virtualized data center with Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays.  Tegile arrays deliver breakthrough performance with mission critical availability enabling you to consolidate more virtual machines per server, virtualize business-critical applications with ease and achieve dramatic improvement in infrastructure economics.

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Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Deliver Ultrabook Performance
for Virtual Desktops

Desktop Virtualization is increasingly being adopted by small and large enterprises to capitalize on the benefits of virtualization, consolidation, and centralization of desktop management. Running 1000s of VMs on a centralized infrastructure requires a storage architecture that delivers consistent and best end-user experience. Learn how Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays deliver a rich desktop experience while dramatically reducing the amount of storage required.

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Accelerate & Scale your Database Applications

Databases are the lifeblood of enterprise applications. Whether your databases support transaction processing, data warehousing, or real-time analytics applications, they must deliver quick and consistent access to time-sensitive information. Learn how Tegile Intelligent Flash Arrays deliver dramatic acceleration of data access enabling you to consolidate and run multiple databases at speed of flash memory.

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