Desktop Virtualization Solutions

IntelliFlash™ takes VDI hosting to an extraordinary new level

New generation Tegile IntelliFlash™ hybrid storage arrays are designed to make the management of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) easier, faster, more reliable, more scalable and less expensive.

Zebi hybrid arrays combine Tegile’s patented MASS technology with high performance DRAM, solid state flash, Intel Xeon processors and high speed Ethernet or Fibre Channel, resulting in higher capacity and significantly higher performance. Whether you use VMware View, Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix Xen or other solutions, Tegile Zebi hybrid arrays allow you to:

  • Centralize operations
  • Manage more machines without sacrificing capacity
  • Mitigate the disruption of boot storms
  • Protect data at a vastly reduced cost compared to other arrays
  • Eliminate wear leveling problems and data integrity issues
  • Deliver 7X more I/Os per second (IOPS) with considerably lower latency 

Increase storage by up to 75% by using 5X IntelliFlash™ raw capacity
Maximizing capacity, on-the-fly de-duplication and data compression enable more hosted virtual desktops for a lower investment in storage and network infrastructure – without compromising performance. 

Less downtime and better protection than standard arrays
IntelliFlash™ arrays are architected with no single point of failure and offer:

  • Automatic failover capabilities
  • Unlimited automatic snapshot and replication features
  • Scheduling flexibility for more frequent back-ups of critical machines
  • Instant restore capabilities — roll back any machine to a previous state
  • Streamlined data back-up resulting in increased bandwidth, reduced hardware expenditures and simplified management 

IntelliFlash™ easily integrates into diverse enterprise IT environments and:

  • Supports SAN and NAS deployments from the same array with built-in Fibre Channel and iSCSI block-level protocols as well as NFS and CIFS file level protocols
  • Provides high-performance, low latency storage to the hypervisor, while allowing users to simultaneously share files via CIFS 

IntelliFlash™ browser-based dashboard is easier to use and more intuitive
The configuration wizard and tiered access controls simplify virtual machine optimization, enabling mass hypervisor deployments in minutes, not hours. Helpful graphs and customizable monitoring worksheets make it easy to identify trends and issues for better planning and efficient optimization.