Microsoft SQL Server Solutions

Accelerate, simplify and protect valuable SQL Server Databases

Microsoft® Certified solutions for SQL Server® deliver consistently low latencies while providing the right amount of IOPs for the right workloads.


Data Warehouse Acceleration:
Tegile IntelliFlash™ storage arrays deliver significant acceleration for most Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence workloads when compared to traditional disk arrays or disk arrays with data tiering.  The speed increase is a result of a hybrid pool of DRAM, Flash and optimized disks.  As a result, the system delivers the right mix of IOPs and Capacity. Best of all, data is automatically accelerated without any administrator involvement.  The most important data always ends up in DRAM or Flash,  very close to the SQL Server. This is completely transparent to the administrator and DBA so they can focus on what matters, delivering new solutions to their teams and customers.


OLTP Acceleration:
For OLTP (online transaction processing) databases of 1TB or less, the IntelliFlash™ array manages the majority of transactions in DRAM and Flash to provide additional speed and consistent latencies for the potentially troublesome 4K blocks.  While in-server PCIe card solutions can provide higher performance, they are complex to manage and very expensive. Customers frequently resort to using 2 cards in a RAID-10 configuration in each server, and using SQL Server AlwaysOn offering to replicate to another SQL Server configured with 2 PCIe cards, effectively paying 4X for the usable Flash.  Tegile’s Hybrid  storage array provides a much cleaner solution which does not need to work around established best practices.


Mixed Data Types:
IntelliFlash™ arrays have a unique ability to age older, less frequently used data for both DW/BI and OLTP databases out of the expensive DRAM and Flash in order to maximize the value of the investment in Flash in your Enterprise. This eliminates the relatively wasteful brute force approach of all-flash arrays.  Not every piece of data needs the same SLA (service level agreements) at every point-in-time.  Tegile uses only the highest quality eMLC Flash guaranteeing 3.5 petabytes of SQL writes to each drive.  This is the equivalent of writing over each drive 10 times a day for over 5 years straight.

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Snapshots and Clones
In conjunction with Tegile’s VSS provider, you can use the IntelliFlash™ array to present multiple copies of the same data from a single source.  When copies are updated, only deltas are saved. Using this feature can result in dramatic savings when dealing with Development, Test, Production or multiple departments requiring the same data in isolated environments. No wasted space, no wasted Flash.

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Deduplication for SQL Server workloads:
Every IntelliFlash™ array is designed with low overhead in-line deduplication. For most SQL Server workloads, this feature is only effective if the data is highly repetitive.


Highly Available and Integrated:
IntelliFlash™ arrays support Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV) and Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS).  IntelliFlash™ also contains hardware based replication which you can use for “in region” and “out of region” Disaster Recovery strategies, along with SQL Server AlwaysOn®. And of course, IntelliFlash™ arrays contain active/active dual-redundant controllers for failing over workloads in case a problem is detected with either controller or a data path to the SQL Server.

Certified for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse

Tegile-Hybrid Flash for SQL Diagrams