Tegile ranks first in DCIG Hybrid Buyer’s Guide

Oops, we did it again... again!

Most of us who work at Tegile were not the coolest kids on the block. We were nerds. We didn’t sit at the cool kids’ table at lunch. We were building robots and doing homework. We didn’t get invited to cool parties. And we didn’t wear cool sneakers.

We are proud to report that since middle school, things have changed. It looks like our homework paid off. The people who work at Tegile are extremely cool now. The reason we know we’re cool is that Tegile was recognized in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide, the storage industry equivalent to the cool kids’ table.

We did it again — again!


The cool kids at DCIG evaluated 23 arrays from 10 different storage providers. And in the new DCIG Buyer’s Guide for 2015-2016, Tegile swept the top four spots for Hybrid Storage Arrays, with the Tegile T3400 at the head of the class for the “Best in Class” rating.

And in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Enterprise Midrange Arrays for 2014, Tegile was again recognized, with an “Excellent” rating and a Top 10 listing among 70 midrange arrays. Before that, Tegile was rated “Best in Class” in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Hybrid Storage Array for 2014 and in the top 5 vendors in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Flash Memory Storage Array for 2013. In fact, Tegile is the only emerging vendor to be honored in each of these guides.

How did we get to be so cool?

How did Tegile obtain top ranking in the DCIG Buyer’s Guide for Hybrid Storage? We’re glad you asked. DCIG got the first look at our updated T-Series Hybrid Intelligent Flash Storage Systems.

Our new Tegile T-Series Hybrid Storage Arrays offer

  • Increased performance
  • Increased capacity
  • Increased memory
  • Increased CPU
  • Increased cores
  • Increased functionality

Meet the new Tegile T-Series Hybrid Lineup

– the hybrid storage arrays ranked as the top four listings in new DCIG Buyer’s Guide

  • The Tegile T3100 array is optimized for price and has the performance to accelerate typical business workloads
  • The Tegile T3200 array delivers high capacity with increased performance
    – the T3200 has more than 5 percent of its total capacity as flash
  • The Tegile T3300 array delivers intense performance – the 18TB T3300 has nearly 8 percent of its total capacity as flash
  • The Tegile T3400 array is our existing hybrid storage array that provides maximum performance, capacity and storage economics

See these specs of our new T-Series Hybrid Arrays

click the image for a larger view

Consider your use cases

Also in the graphic above, are potential use cases of the most common deployments of our customers. Consider the effective capacity that you are likely to achieve with Tegile T-Series Hybrid Arrays (your capacity may vary).

Take note

Check out all the features listed below that are included with Tegile hybrid arrays
— and make our arrays cooler than other arrays on the market.


  • Flash-optimized architecture
  • Patented metadata acceleration
  • Intelligent real-time caching of reads/writes/metadata

Data Reduction

  • Inline deduplication
  • Inline compression
  • Thin provisioning

Data Protection and Security

  • Thin snapshots
  • Thin clones
  • Remote replication
  • Data security

Concurrent Multi-protocol Support

  • Block: FC & iSCSI
  • File: NFS, CFS, SMB 3.0


  • Fully redundant hardware
  • No-downtime upgrades
  • Active/active controllers
  • End-to-end integrity checks

Take a seat with the cool kids on the block

In a crowded field of storage vendors, we’re convinced that the improvements in our T-Series lineup puts Tegile at the coolest table on the block. At Tegile we make it our mission to help customers transform their data centers — and their business.

The cool kids at Tegile help companies cut costs, scale economically, reduce storage footprints, consolidate workloads, simplify deployment and management — and boost performance to accelerate your business. If you want to accelerate your business for your company, take a seat with the cool kids at Tegile.

To get started, grab the newest DCIG Buyer’s Guides, available here.

To learn about Tegile arrays, pass a note to sales@tegile.com. With the improvements you’ll experience with Tegile arrays, you may find yourself at the cool kids’ table at your company.

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