Apple Believes in Hybrid Storage Too!

We all know that Apple is known for fantastic products that people find that they simply can not live without. Their success with Macs, iPods and iPads is incredible. That is why we at Tegile were not surprised when Apple announced their Fusion Drive. It is an externally connected storage device that uses flash as a large cache and then a slower disk drive behind the cache for bulk storage. Sounds familiar isn’t it? Whether you’re using a MacBook Pro or a Chassis full of blade servers, a storage system that can deliver high performance through SSD and preserve $/GB with high capacity hard drives offers excellent value.

Apple users see their boot times cut by at least 50% when using a Fusion Drive. Tegile customers who use our Zebi arrays for VDI see boot times for 50 or a hundred concurrent users cut down to 5-10 seconds.

It seems like the leaders in storage are finding that hybrid is the way to go. Have you tried a hybrid drive or array yet?

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