Blowing out Expectations for Hybrid Storage Arrays

I’m not always the most patient driver and it’s entirely possible that I do not appreciate the Toyota Prius hybrid as much as I should. I liked the tech when it was new, but now the growing number of rolling hybrids seem like mechanized Tribbles, gumming up the lanes on my commute. A bigger problem for me as a storage person is that the mediocre performance of hybrid cars is often associated with the performance of Hybrid Storage Arrays. Hybrid storage arrays can be very fast and do an incredible amount of work compared to legacy all disk arrays, but the performance potential of AFAs (all flash arrays) is much greater and so they capture the imaginations of performance-loving system admins.

Thank goodness there are also incredibly fast hybrid cars, like the Porsche 918. There are many ways to think about the performance capabilities of the 918, including this quote from Road and Track: “The 918 jumps to 16 mph after just one wheel rotation, or in about seven feet.” It’s a very different sort of hybrid. Tegile is working on a very different sort of Hybrid Storage Array and we will be showing this concept next week at VMworld in booth #1037. If you are going to be there, you might want to check out a couple of our sessions too:

  • VAPP6670 – Accelerate Applications while Driving Down Costs A crack panel of customers talking about their experiences using Tegile flash arrays
  • VAPP6681-Storage Upstarts: More than a “Flash” in the Pan A panel of storage people from leading flash companies including, Tegile Systems, Pure Storage, Nimble Storage, SolidFire, TinTri, Coho Data, and Data Gravity – moderated by Howard Marks (@DeepStorageNet)

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