Brian Madden interviews Tegile about Hybrid Storage for VDI

Brian Madden has written many articles on the problems storage can cause for VDI. He has made it known that he believes VDI should be used for 1-to-1 personal disk images instead of many-to-1 shared disk images.Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with local storage built-in to servers, and it’s not cost effective with traditional SANs.

This is where Tegile comes in. Our Zebi array is a hybrid HDD/SSD/DRAM primary storage appliance that’s perfect for VDI. (So much so that even Brian likes it, and you know that’s a tough thing to do!) In this video, Brian visited Tegile’s office to meet with our CTO, discuss their product, and learn how it works. He also got a demo of the management interface. Watch this video and learn about Tegile’s approach to storage for VDI.

To view this video, click on Brian Madden.

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