Lessons from the corner cubicle: We’re building a billion-dollar business

In Silicon Valley, people often ask, “How do you build a billion-dollar business?” We’re working hard to prove that we are on the right path to build a billion-dollar business. How are we doing it?

We’re hiring great people to build a great company

It is easy to hire people; but hiring the right people is an art. At Tegile, we build a better team: we hire seasoned executives and experts in Engineering, Operations, Sales and Marketing. Our increased investments in Sales and Marketing have already raised our visibility with the press, industry analysts and the storage community. Results from sales investments are showing excellent productivity and we continue to scale the business extremely well.

We’re building a great product

The transformation to the flash-driven data center is underway. Applications that require increased capacity and performance can cause pain for Storage Administrators. Flash-based storage arrays solve the performance problem. However, flash can be expensive. Moreover, the enterprise data center cannot be moved to flash overnight.

In the 1990s, NetApp built ONTAP/WAFL as a unified disk-based architecture; but it cannot provide a transition to the flash data center. In 2012, Tegile Systems defined the Intelliflash OS to provide a unified architecture for All-Flash and Flash Hybrid Storage Arrays with a single operating environment. Of all next-gen storage vendors, Tegile provides the broadest base of storage functionality, which provides the highest value to customers.

In this transition to the flash data center, Tegile IntelliFlash provides the best TCO to customers via workload optimization. Low latency applications can reside in All-Flash arrays; and other applications that require balanced performance can reside on Flash Hybrid arrays.

In fact, Tegile arrays fit the need so well that we were recently selected by the DCS Awards as Storage Hardware Product of the Year.

At Tegile, we also intelligently invest in Support activities. Customer gratification is first priority for Tegile. The simplicity of our system means that companies do not need to spend weeks or hire external experts to get their new Tegile storage up and running.

We’re building a great strategy & managing growth intelligently

At Tegile, we are constantly building the foundation of our company to ensure strong growth. We know that when it comes to designing storage systems, you’re only as good as your assumptions. At Tegile, we strive to make the right bets about the direction of technology.

We also build better partnerships. Tegile prides itself on a limited distribution model where we can truly partner with the best resellers in the marketplace to jointly service our customers. Our focus on doing more with the best in the industry has earned Tegile a 5-star rating in the CRN Partner Program Guide.

When it comes to operations and hiring, we expand our business and hire when the time is right. With this newest round of funding, over the next year we plan to invest across the board with an emphasis on increasing our company visibility and sales footprint. We’ll continue to build more products and hire ahead of our installed base for customer support. Over the next year, the Tegile team will grow from 300 people to 450 people.

When expanding into new markets, we enter when the time is right. We’ve expanded channel partnerships and added Tegile staff in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux). We’re working on building a pipeline in other parts of Europe, including Germany, where we recognize the market need for our enterprise storage product.

We’re grooming ourselves for growth, Wall Street & technological innovation

The right technology, partners, business strategy and execution attract great investors and allow us to build our business every day. The breadth of expertise from Tegile investors better positions us for growth, Wall Street investment, and technological innovation.

In our recent announcement of $70M in venture funding, we proudly shared our portfolio of world-class investors. From a corporate financial perspective, our focus is on capital efficiency because we believe that the smart use of capital is fundamental to our long-term success. As such, our investors include both venture and strategic partners.

Our investors include August Capital, Meritech Capital and Capricorn Investments, all of whom bring a wealth of experience in building companies for the long term. These companies have helped to build Microsoft, Intuit, Splunk, Tesla, Salesforce.com, Facebook and many more successful businesses.

To groom our company for Wall Street, we look to guidance from our investors Pine River and Cross Creek who bring a wealth of Wall Street expertise.

And we rely on strategic investment and joint development projects with Western Digital/HGST and SanDisk to bring advanced flash technologies to market faster than our competition.

Thanks to our major technology partners, we can serve the vast majority of buyers of enterprise storage. Our technology partners enable the following:

  • As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, our solutions are optimized for server and desktop virtualization. Our integration with VMware provides superior value to customers using VMware® vSphere™ for server virtualization and VMware View™ for desktop virtualization.
  • As a Microsoft Partner, our solutions are certified for Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012, along with SQL Server 2012 Fast Track Data Warehouse. We provide customers with a highly robust flash storage platform for Microsoft Virtualization and Microsoft Applications, including SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint.
  • As an Oracle Gold Partner, our products are listed on Oracle’s VM Certified Hardware Compatibility List. Oracle VM is a server virtualization product for x86 that incorporates open-source Xen hypervisor technology, which supports Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris guests.
  • Our joint Cisco and Tegile solution, Intellistack, provides a high-performance compute, network and storage platform that is optimized for virtualization and accelerates business with unmatched economics and operational simplicity.

At Tegile, we think we know how to build a billion-dollar business. Stay tuned for future blog posts from the Corner Cubicle. Until then, keep your data centers humming and your power consumption low.

Want to learn more? Meet the Tegile Leadership Team and see our award-winning products and solutions.

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