No Bullies in the Communities, Please

OK – this is a bit of a rant, but bear with me. Aren’t user communities supposed to be for users to discuss technologies and help each other solve challenges? An inquiry on the VMware Community was brought to my attention in which a user with the handle Ebelange was asking others about their experience with Tegile’s HA2100EP in a VMware View environment.  Fair question, and I appreciate user Aginger’s post about how well his array from Tegile has done.

What really annoyed me though is when one of our competitors posted a bunch of inaccurate FUD about Tegile and then another proposed his solution instead of Tegile.  I couldn’t help myself, and ended up writing my own post up there recommending that Ebelange get some references from existing Tegile users before making a final decision.  It appears that’s what he did, and I am very pleased that he chose to go with Tegile.

My request to others we compete with: leave the user communities to the users.  They get called on and badgered by vendors all day long.  Let them have a forum where they can openly share information among themselves.

Big thanks again to VMware Community user Aginger for the solid response with screen shots and to Ebelange for listening to other users and making a great decision!

Rant over – thanks.

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