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Hybrid Storage vs. Legacy Storage – Video

In this chalktalk interview with Tegile’s VP of Marketing Rob Commins, we discuss the challenge that legacy storage systems may face in that even though they have upgraded the drive type by adding SSDs they typically do not upgrade their internal hardware and software architecture to take full advantage of flash. They also may not… Read more »

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Cost Effectively Applying Solid State with Tegile – Video

In this video interview we share the white board with Rob Commins, Vice President, Marketing of Tegile Systems and provider of a unique Hybrid Optimized Storage Systems. These system can help resolve both the $/GB that many virtual environments are facing as well as the overall shortage in IOPS. The ability to limit and control… Read more »

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Brian Madden interviews Tegile about Hybrid Storage for VDI

Brian Madden has written many articles on the problems storage can cause for VDI. He has made it known that he believes VDI should be used for 1-to-1 personal disk images instead of many-to-1 shared disk images.Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with local storage built-in to servers, and it’s not cost effective with traditional SANs. This… Read more »

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