Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.5 are here!

Tegile Systems is very pleased with the advancements made by Citrix in their XenApp 7.5 and XenDesktop 7.5 announced today. Their unified architecture for apps and desktop delivery, increasing IT flexibility and saving infrastructure and costs lines up very well with how we do the same for the storage piece of the stack. In-line deduplication makes migration to a VDI platform easier than ever while allowing users to maintain their desktop experience with persistent desktops. All that is incrementally stored with the addition of every user is any customization or unique data they have. The same goes for virtual servers. Redundant OS image and application data is stored as a single instance that multiple VMs point to. Users get to “Store More Faster”. Faster access to their data and faster migration time to get apps up and running.

A perfect example is when St. Paul Public Housing Agency (PHA) replaced its aging SAN array with a flash-driven array from Tegile Systems. Replacing the legacy array with hybrid Zebi storage immediately solved St. Paul PHA’s storage performance problems without requiring any planning for “tiers” of storage since they don’t exist in the Zebi. The Zebi HA2100 is architected to deliver the performance benefits of flash storage throughout the data path, even for application data that is ultimately stored on hard disk. The high IOPS performance of the Zebi array has slashed boot and reboot times on all virtual machines – including VDI instances – from 3 to 4 minutes to 45 seconds or less on average. Backup issues have disappeared with SQL backup windows reduced by 80 percent from hours to just minutes using the same maintenance plans.

Another interesting part of Citrix’ release is the support of public clouds to develop hybrid environments. This is a great move, but for customers who find cloud pricing models attractive but choose not to move to the cloud due to security or other concerns, Tegile has launched Agility Pricing. Agility Pricing looks and feels a lot like your and my electricity bill. Customers pay for their Tegile storage in GB:Months; similar to Kw:Hours. With data reduction rates that XenApp 7.5 and XenServer 7.5 users should see, their effective cost per GB for a hybrid array can be lower than Amazon S3 pricing.

So, the combined flexibility, performance and lowered cost of a Citrix:Tegile solution should get the market very excited this week.


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