Customer Duleep Wikramanayake from TRA Medical Imaging elaborates on Tegile performance

I had a very nice meeting with Tegile customer Duleep Wikramanayake last week at the offices of TRA Medical Imaging. He’s an interesting man with many interesting personal stories and success derived from a mix of self-motivation, awareness and teamwork.

The story of Tegile at TRA Medical Imaging has some surprises. Initially purchased as storage for their VDI implementation, Duleep and his team were satisfied, but not “wowed” by their VDI performance. As he says, their expectations were higher than what they saw. However, when they moved their database and analytics workloads to Tegile, they were extremely pleased with the performance. Reports that had previously taken roughly half a day to run, took mere minutes. Then they moved their 3D imaging application to Tegile and were again very pleased with Tegile’s performance.

Efficiently managing large volumes of data is also critical to Duleep and his team. TRA Medical Imaging records and manages between 800,000 and 1,000,000 procedures a year – generating roughly 38 GBs of data per day. Tegile’s data deduplication helps them manage this data growth by deduping the database copies they make for data mining and backup purposes. The 90% data reduction rate they are seeing has allowed them to move more workloads onto their Tegile platform than they anticipated.

The transcript from the video is below

MF: “Hi, I’m here with Duleep Wikramanayake from TRA Medical Imaging. How are you?”

DW: “Pretty good, how are you?”

MF: “Great. Thanks for taking the time, by the way.”

DW: “Oh you’re welcome, my pleasure.”

MF: “So tell us a little bit about TRA Medical Imaging.”

DW: “TRA Medical Imaging was founded 75 years ago in Puget Sound and today it’s a large radiology group – with 65 radiologists – physician owned. If you take the total amount of procedures that we do a year, it’s about 800 thousand to a million procedures a year. We actually acquire brand new data – about 38 Gigs of data -every day.

DW: “We run on the Windows platform as well as the Linux Platform. We are 100% virtualized today. We have a PACS application that actually manages all images, we have a RIS application, which is a radiology information systems, we have SQL, we have Postgres, We have Sybase, We have Informix and we have Oracle.

MF: “Wow, not one but mult…”

DW: “Yes, multiple databases, we are slowly moving towards SQL now.”

MF: “So obviously I’m here because you are a Tegile customer.”

DW: “I am a Tegile customer.”

MF: “And what are you using Tegile for?”

DW: “We brought Tegile in pretty much to run VDI in the beginning. It wasn’t as impressive as we thought it was going to be – in terms of speed my expectations were high, but you know it wasn’t slow, it was still good. Then we started porting our databases over and that’s when we really started seeing performance gains, especially when it came to data mining and data warehousing. Something that probably took half a day probably ran in minutes. So that’s really fast. Beyond that they’re running when the data mining is happening it would slow down other applications. Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. But where Tegile really scored was when we actually put the 3D application for imaging for colonoscopies and cardiac studies on CTs. What we saw was that the application performance was phenomenal. So much so, that the (application) vendor itself thought the application worked really, really fast and wanted to know what our back end was because it handled I/O for 4800 images.

DW: “The other big win for us is the deduplication. We moved about 6 to 8 terabytes of data from our current storage to Tegile and so far we’ve got about in the high 90’s for deduplication.”

MF: “Is that database data?”

DW: “There’s a lot of database data because we run our applications and then we take that same application data and duplicate it to do our reporting. So when you do that it actually doesn’t take that much space, it actually deduplicates those databases really well.

DW: “The other part of Tegile is that we had an issue once and their resolution to that and the involvement of the company to fix it in a timely manner was really, really good – very impressive.”

MF: “Duleep, this was great, thanks so much for taking the time today.”

DW: “You’re welcome. My pleasure.”

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