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Fly fishing is a cross between adventure and meditation and like most other anglers I know, I don’t do it often enough. The priorities of work and family don’t always leave time for the sublime pursuits, such as fly fishing. That is, unless you work for Simms Fishing Products in Bozeman, Montana, where most of the employees fish often and live near the best fly fishing waters in America.

I love the passion that Simms employees have for their work and customers. They want to keep us warm and dry so we can pursue what we love – fishing. We share a similar passion at Tegile; we want to keep our customers free of storage performance and capacity problems so they can pursue the things they love – without having to spend unnecessary time managing storage.

The Tegile team looks forward to working with Simms’ IT professionals Josh Smith and Matt Andrew a long time, supporting their Hyper-V environment with virtualized SQL Server and Exchange. Our goal for them, as with all our customers, is avoiding storage problems that prevent them doing what they love.

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