Do You Always Drive Your Data in Ludicrous Mode?


You’re probably familiar with the Tesla Model S’ renowned acceleration. There’s no question it’s quick under normal operations. However, some versions are even faster. The P85D features Insane Mode while the P90D boasts Ludicrous Mode; each with the sole purpose of inflicting the maximum g-force upon the driver to deliver an exhilarating user experience. But as much fun as this may be, does this benefit Tesla drivers in all their daily transportation needs? Probably not. Daily transportation workloads vary, with only a fraction of the time spent accelerating onto or passing other vehicles on the freeway. For most folks, especially those in California, the stop-and-go low-speed nature of mixed traffic in residential and commercial districts is where they rack up the majority of their driving time.

Nobody wants to see their data go to plaid.

There is a corollary in the data center. The challenge of supporting tier-1 business critical applications that depend upon real-time transactions is known to most any IT professional. These are the Insane or Ludicrous Mode workloads. To achieve business success, these workloads require the highest performing storage technologies available, which today are NVMe-based flash storage arrays, such as our IntelliFlash N-Series. For these workloads, high performance at low latency is a must. Even if you don’t need Insane or Ludicrous Mode all the time, you have it for those peak times you do need it.

However, there are many disparate data types found across the data center and not every application requires sub-millisecond response times. In fact, the bulk of data in the enterprise can be adequately addressed through all-flash or hybrid flash arrays. This is especially true for virtualized environments, dev and test, media streaming, digital imagining, user shares, deep analytics – basically all other non-real-time applications. While you could embrace a single high-performance storage solution for all your data, this is akin to driving your Tesla in ludicrous mode from your house down to the train station parking lot

We are delighted with the incredible performance that our IntelliFlash N-Series NVMe arrays deliver, but we also listen to our customers, and they’re telling us that they still need cost-effective multi-tier storage solutions. We couldn’t agree more. So, we are pleased to announce that our highest performance IntelliFlash N-Series NVMe arrays now support our all-flash expansion shelves. No matter the performance profile of your workload mix, we can deliver a single platform solution that will cost-effectively align storage performance with the needs of each application. Why rely on multiple silos from different storage vendors and the associated management complexity when you can instead deploy a single IntelliFlash N-Series?

Western Digital’s IntelliFlash N-Series is a unified, NVMe flash array that enables you to exponentially accelerate ANY and ALL enterprise application environments. For your highest performance applications, enjoy the incredible performance of NVMe-based flash storage. For data with less demanding needs, select all-flash expansion shelves (as dictated by your performance requirements) to build out your N-Series platform. No matter the combination of storage media, you can power business critical environments to deliver more operations than ever before. The N-series can also speed up your structured and unstructured data analysis to unearth insights and turn them into significant business results. IntelliFlash N-Series Arrays enable you to achieve a cost-effective, high-performance, unified multi-tier reality that can support all of your workloads on a single platform.

This is like a dream car to me: a hot rod, station wagon, cargo van, and truck, all rolled up into one. But, it only looks like what I need for a given trip. It’s a hot rod when I need to get somewhere fast or it can ferry lots of kids to soccer games or it will move a lot of instruments, amplifiers, and lights to my next gig. In the data center, this is how the N-Series appears to applications and data. Block or file, blazing performance or more-than-enough to meet your need, combined with incredible economics and a full suite of advanced data services that provide your organization a cost-effective application and data strategy, that’s IntelliFlash N-Series.

It’s reassuring to know that Ludicrous Mode is available; go ahead and “push the button” when you need to. But it’s even better for your corporate pocketbook to align performance with the value of the data being stored. Do you always need to drive your data in Ludicrous Mode? Of course not. But knowing that you could, even though you don’t have too, well, that’s pretty special. That’s what makes IntelliFlash N-Series so compelling.

Happy Motoring!

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