Enterprise Cloud

Martin Glasborow at Storagebod raised a question about “Enterprise Cloud”. This whole cloud thing is quite the marketing playground. Here is my take:

The marketing of cloud and especially enterprise-cloud is certainly mercurial at best. I’ve been working with xSPs for about 12 years now. There is really one bottom line that customers can use to judge “enterprise grade” for themselves – the SLA. A loosely written SLA with little or no reference to availability, time to restore, maintenance windows, etc., can assuredly be called “commodity-class cloud”. More rigid SLAs can be termed “enterprise-class cloud”.
A typical enterprise-class cloud offering will have steep remedies for breaching an SLA. The service provider will most likely use more robust infrastructure and charge more for these higher grade services.
So, in the end, marketers will continue to blur the definition of cloud offerings, and customers will have to closely review their SLAs to ensure their requirements are met. Nothing new – except new jargon.

What do you think?

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