Exchange 2013 Mailbox Recovery with Tegile Snapshot and Cloning Capabilities

Traditional Exchange Backup and Recovery can be very time consuming and to say the least, a cumbersome process for Exchange administrators. Let’s also not forget that it has a very high impact on the production environment. This is where we come to your rescue.

Tegile’s unique design simplifies this whole process by bringing in both primary and backup storage as part of the same architecture and this exponentially decreases the amount of time required for backup and recovery and makes the recovery process a whole lot simpler. Excuse my behavior, but it’s difficult not to brag when we have some really cool features like highly efficient application-consistent snapshot backups and with our brilliant clone feature, you will be left wondering: Can recovery get any simpler??

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

The OOPs moment: Accidentally, Mr. Butterfingers deletes some emails from his mailbox.





Thankfully, the exchange Database and Log volumes are residing on Tegile LUNs. Both the database and log LUNs are part of the same project, so they’re both included in the same snapshots and are therefore in sync at all times.

Exchange Recovery on Tegile IntelliFlash

All that needs to be done is to get on the project snapshot scheduler and choose the appropriate snapshot that was taken before the mails got deleted and a mere click on the clone icon automatically creates both the data and log LUN clones.

Clone Project in IntelliFlash

From here on, it’s only a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Convert to Read-Writeable Clones

Make the Database and Log LUN clones read-writeable using the disk part command.

Exchange Recovery Disk Part Command

Step 2: Recovery Database Creation & Soft-Recovery

Create a new Recovery Database pointing to the cloned database and log LUNs (not the original Database and Log LUNs) and perform soft-recovery.


Exchange Recovery Soft Recovery2

Step 3: Mailbox Restore

Restore the User mailbox from the Recovery database.

Exchange Recovery Restore User Mailbox

Drumroll, please!!!! Mr. Butterfingers lived happily ever after ☺

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