Experience SQL Server @ the Speed of Memory at Microsoft Ignite

First off, I wanted to take a moment to give a big thank you to all of the First Responders and those helping Florida recover from Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are still rebuilding.

We were very glad to hear that Microsoft Ignite will go on as planned.

We’re proud to be a Microsoft partner, providing our joint customers with a highly robust flash storage platform for their Microsoft virtualization and their enterprise applications, particularly Microsoft SQL Server.

In fact, 70 percent of our customers have deployed SQL Server on their Tegile IntelliFlash arrays — by far our most common workload. Businesses depend on Microsoft SQL Server databases for data warehousing, analytics, and OLTP workloads. It’s essential that you deliver consistently high levels of performance and availability. That can be a nightmare without the optimal storage infrastructure. Poor database performance can lead to revenue losses and productivity can suffer. Virtualized SQL Server databases create an especially demanding blend of I/O traffic for storage infrastructure.

Modernizing SQL Server

Among the leading applications in today’s demanding datacenters, Microsoft SQL Server databases form the core of many applications involving mission-critical, online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehousing, batch processing, business intelligence, complex queries for report generation, and online analytical processing (OLAP). The challenge for IT and database administrators is to meet business objectives and SLAs, while providing superior performance to meet the needs of growing amounts of data at a lower cost/GB.

Microsoft has discontinued supporting SQL Server 2005 — a major database version prevalent in IT shops. Also, Microsoft no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or online technical assistance for this and earlier versions. Without Microsoft support, customers will no longer receive security updates that protect their servers from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. This change will affect those Microsoft customers who have deployed SQL Server 2005 in their data centers. Customers will likely need to migrate to a new platform and new version of SQL Server or face the risk of operating without support. Tegile’s award-winning flash storage platform is a game changer in this situation.

Accelerating SQL Server with IntelliStack

Whether you are running new or existing SQL Server workloads, our IntelliStack converged infrastructure solution for Microsoft SQL Server provides a pre-validated end-to-end tested and documented reference architecture to meet your requirements. The entire infrastructure, including computing, networking, and storage resources, is tested using a VMware vSphere virtualization environment. Your initial and ongoing SQL Server deployments will proceed faster and more efficiently with readily available cookbooks and designs. In addition, ongoing automation and deployment with Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco Director software help ensure consistent server provisioning and deployment, eliminating configuration drift and bringing up new nodes in minutes, not days.

At Ignite, we’ll be demonstrating our hybrid and all-flash storage solutions that deliver high IOPS and sustained low latency at a price that fits most budgets. Each array includes a comprehensive set of data protection and management capabilities. Dial up or down the amount of flash to meet your performance needs as desired by your changing data center requirements.

With Tegile’s highly efficient, flexible, and high-performant storage platform, you can:

  • Optimize very high throughput for OLTP SQL Server workloads
  • Virtualize and consolidate database instances
  • Create multiple snapshot copies with no performance overhead
  • Optimize costs by minimizing storage footprint in your datacenter for multiple database copies

Stop by Tegile Booth #1065 and say hello while you’re at the show!

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