Five Reasons Tegile Should Be Your Top Choice for Storage

The hybrid storage space is becoming littered with vendors trying to capitalize on a trend that Tegile started so long ago. It can sometimes be hard to differentiate one vendor from another, particularly when it comes to understanding how the underlying technology actually works. To help you in your selection process, we’re on the rooftop, shouting out these five key items that differentiate Tegile from everything else in the market.

Deduplication with no asterisk necessary

With some hybrid and traditional storage vendors, marketing materials should include an asterisk next to their deduplication feature with a footnote explaining that only the solid state storage is deduplicated while the hard drives are left to just full up with copy upon copy of data. With Tegile, there’s no asterisk necessary. We when say we provide dedupe, we provide dedupe across the entire array, hard disks included. By doing so, we provide our customers with a tremendous dollar per gigabyte value… and, we can spend time helping you design your solution rather than trying to explain where we fall short.

Full VAAI support – give your vSphere environment another belt notch

After a big meal, sometimes you’ve got to let out your belt notch to stay comfortable. When it comes to capacity, your vSphere environment is like a belt, too. At the environment grows, it starts to test its boundaries, occasionally pushing them to the limit. With VAAI-enabled storage, like Tegile’s, you can offload some hypervisor work to your storage array and give your vSphere environment a bit more breathing room. It’s like adding another notch to your belt so that you can grow just a bit more before having to buy a new belt.

Metadata acceleration – Nitro for your storage

The need for speed often drives customers into the hybrid space.Tegile’s own Metadata Accelerated Storage System (MASS) is like adding Nitro to the solid state storage engine. MASS organizes and stores metadata, independent of the data, on high-speed devices with optimized retrieval paths. This accelerates every storage function within the system, raising the performance of near-line SAS hard disk drives to the level of extremely expensive high-RPM SAS or Fiber Channel drives.

No compromise multiprotocol support

Storage is a major cost for many IT departments. As such, organizations expect that their investment will be protected for the life of the product, which could be five years. In that five years, a lot can change! Fortunately, when it comes to connectivity, your Tegile array can morph itself into whatever you need. Tegile provides full support for iSCSI and Fiber Channel as well as NFS and CIFS/SMB. If your business changes, your Tegile investment is safe and sound and can adapt to meet your changing needs.

Available all-flash array with a hybrid twist

We love hybrid. We think it’s the way to go for most mainstream workloads these days. But, we also see a few high-end emerging use cases that demand all-flash performance and we listened. Our HA2800 array is an all-flash device that provides performance levels that will blow you away. But… we cheated. The HA2800 is an all-flash array, but you can trick it into showing its hybrid stripes by adding 144 TB of raw hard disk space to the HA2800. This combination provides customers with 4.4 TB of solid state storage and 144 TB of accelerated hard disk space storage. That 144 TB looks like half a petabyte after deduplication and compression takes place! We call the HA2800 our all flash array with a hybrid twist. As always, we want to make sure we’re providing customers with everything they need in an array. Our flexible all-flash HA2800 continues this trend by making sure that our customers have the flexibility to meet changing needs.

The bottom line

We hope that these five points help you gain a better understanding for what Tegile brings to the table.

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