What does an installation of flash storage look like?

When Mary Lanning Healthcare takes care of patients, they mean their records, too. To store medical records and keep business applications running at top performance, Mary Lanning Healthcare relies on flash storage arrays from Tegile.

Growth means need for more storage

Exponential growth at this healthcare provider caused the need for more storage. Over the next few years this growth rate, plus new projects, are expected to require TBs upon TBs of storage capacity. As a long-standing Tegile customer, Mary Lanning turned to us for their growing storage needs.

Multiple business objectives for storage

Although Mary Lanning is moving its EMR to Epic and hosting that with a third-party provider, they still need to keep their old EMR around for 7 years. They also keep multiple copies of the same data throughout their environment for different business purposes.

Need for more storage — without increased footprint

One storage challenge at this company is that their data center is almost full — and they are running out of space to install more gear. With their new IntelliFlash HD array, they will consolidate onto a solution that does not require as much power and rack units. The HD solution provided the capacity and density required, without using more physical space in the datacenter.

Read the full case study to learn how this hospital experienced a 4X performance boost by switching to Tegile flash storage.

Want to see how it works?

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What a smooth installation

Want to see how it was installed? See the newest addition to the Mary Lanning data center: 336 TB of all-flash in 5U. This array joins the family of Tegile arrays already deployed at Mary Lanning. See these step-by-step photos that show how to install flash storage arrays, with the support of Tegile Professional Services.

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