Flash Storage for Retail Analytics

Flashy Elves

I’ve always thought inflatable snowmen, colored lights, elves and reindeer should not be displayed in retail windows until after Thanksgiving. Maybe I should hope for something else because it seems that Black Friday promotions start one week earlier every year. Can we all just agree that eclipsing Halloween would be taking things too far?

Behind the scenes the retail industry stages a furious buildup to the holiday season as companies try to find the find the products and promotional strategies that will keep them a step ahead of the competition. Traditional brick and mortar practices such as merchandising, supply chain management, branding and advertising play a huge part in retail success. But the newest and most powerful strategy that sets the most successful retailers apart is analytics.

Customers that put their analytics workloads on Tegile arrays are getting much faster results, which means they have more information to work with when making important decisions. Here are a few examples of the queries our retail customers turn to Tegile for:

  • What class or type of customers contribute most to our bottom line?
  • Where can we expand, build, acquire or cut to improve our business the most?
  • Which marketing campaigns are generating the best results?

The performance and flexibility of Tegile flash arrays helps retail customers transform their business quickly because they can process information in ways they never thought was possible. All Tegile arrays share a common platform that delivers information quickly with minimal management effort. Features like application-aware templates immediately dial-in optimal performance for database workloads, sparing administrators from the long hours and frustrations of troubleshooting and tuning.

Retailers come to Tegile with a wide variety of access methods and protocol requirements. With the ability to run FC, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS/SMB3 on their new Tegile arrays, these customers don’t have to change their existing environment to be able to take advantage of flash performance for databases, data mining/warehousing and analytics.

Many retail customers want both real time analytics and historical data mining to understand business trends and cycles. Placing current data on flash and historical data on lower cost disk in a Tegile hybrid array gives them a lower cost option than an All-Flash array, with all the other management and flexibility benefits the Tegile platform offers.

Retailers are both large and small and have widely diverse requirements for scaling. Tegile arrays can scale from several terabytes to multiple petabytes without having to change the tools and management methods used.

If you are in retail and want to transform your business with amazingly fast query results, contact us. Happy holidays! And maybe I’ll see you in a checkout line somewhere in the very early hours Friday morning.

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