Why wait when you can get moving instead

AAA Travel says almost 47 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles during the Thanksgiving holiday, which means the roads here will be packed. Not only that, but they expect to be called more than 360,000 times to revive dead batteries, fix flats and unlock car doors. If busy hands are happy hands, dispatchers and roadside assistance drivers are going to be ecstatic. Of course, none of this works very well without databases full of information that call centers, dispatchers, and service providers use to stay up to date on who needs what kind of help and where they are.


Imagine being on hold, stuck with a flat, late for a holiday event and not being able to tell friends and family what your revised ETA is because your estimated wait time is 30 minutes or more. Try not to curse the disk drives where the dispatching application database resides. The flat tire is the reason you’ll be late, but the lousy database performance isn’t making the situation better.

Wasting time tends to frustrate people while using it efficiently tends to make them feel happy. When people make progress and resolve problems faster they tend to feel far better.

And that’s why over 70% of Tegile’s customers use our arrays for their database data. Technology analyst Marc Staimer of Dragon Slayer Consulting conducted a study showing a 65% drop in worker productivity when application response times drop from 0.3 milliseconds to 3 milliseconds.

Application Response Time (Sec)Aggregate Productivity Losses

To put that in workplace terms, if your business has 100 people earning an average of $72,000 per year, that’s over $3 million a year in measurable productivity loss. It’s easy to see how flash storage that delivers data much faster can generate millions of dollars in productivity gains and have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Think of somebody who is back on the road again compared with somebody that is still waiting for help to arrive. That’s money well spent.

Time to pack the freedom machine and hit the road to Grandma’s house. Happy Thanksgiving and safe, trouble free driving to all!

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