Get off the Highway to Hell, er Dell

It has already started: we are hearing from end users that Dell/EMC reps are asking owners of VNX, Compellent and other storage platforms to prematurely retire their systems and switch to the Unity storage platform.

In some instances, Dell/EMC is claiming that they will swap systems only for the cost of a premium maintenance service contract. That should tell you where the margins are.


Never designed for flash: Unity Platform
The Unity Platform is a SUSE Linux-based system that is built upon an architecture that EMC bought from Data General decades ago. The platform was never designed for flash; it’s far less efficient than modern storage arrays; and, as you know if you’re a Dell/EMC customer, carries a very expensive maintenance contract.

When you review that expensive maintenance renewal contract, do you need a few features that don’t come standard in the base price? Here comes the bill — and the increased cost of the maintenance contract. Why shoot your budget to hell with contract renewals on storage architecture that is decades old?

If you are using a VNX, Compellent, or EqualLogic array and are in this situation, I suggest you check out Tegile’s new program to Get Off the Highway to Hell, er Dell

Avoid hellish costs
If you want to avoid hellish costs on features that come standard with next-gen flash arrays, talk to the team at Tegile. We’ll get you on the stairway to storage heaven.


Talk to our storage angels
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Why take the highway to hell with expensive contract renewals on old technology that does not serve current needs? Contact the storage angels at Tegile for a demo, and get on the stairway to storage heaven.

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