The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Earlier this year, the UK government released a new Data Protection Bill to replace the Data Protection Act of 1998 (“DPA”) and “bring data protection laws in the UK up to date.” The bill’s primary function will be to bring the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) into domestic law. As governments, communities, organizations, and individuals aggressively strive to focus on making data more secure. Data protection, backup, and archiving have now become a bigger story and a bigger challenge.

IT departments now need to create systems, processes, and tools that support the new modern workplace, while also keeping data sets secure.

Managing Different Data Sets

What makes things even more challenging is the emergence of diverse and expanding data sets. The expanding role of data in the data center can be followed by two driving forces:

  • Warm/Cold Data—accessed ON and OFF;
  • Fast Data which is ALWAYS ON and can be accessed rapidly.

Both types of data are quickly growing in the data center. Warm and Cold Data are characterized by scale and capacity. Organizations use this data to gain deep insights of their businesses and customers and predict patterns.

Fast Data is where the data needs to be kept close to the computing for real-time analysis or visualization. This is key for things like increasing mobility and speed, fraud detection, info on physical security, and more.

The Right Storage for Hot, Warm, Cold Data

This increasing dimension of data is bringing new demands on how data is captured, stored, protected, and accessed. Placing Fast Data on extremely fast storage media, Warm Data on slightly slower storage media, and Cold/Archival Data on the most economical storage media provides exceptional performance, unmatched economics, and the greatest flexibility for end users.

To that end, Tegile offers multiple all-flash and hybrid configurations—all using the same IntelliFlash platform. This enables customers to dial up performance and capacity to match their workloads. You also get affordable data protection and disaster recovery, Tegile provides snapshot capabilities and full replication between all-flash and hybrid arrays, as well as high-performance data reduction and data protection.


The whole is indeed truly greater than the sum of its parts. While IT organizations continuously strive to leverage individual pieces of technology and piecemeal them together to serve their data protection needs, the unit as a whole is more powerful than its individual technology components. We’ve given you a full set of data protection features from one single vendor. With a full suite of data management features natively offered in our platform, you can accelerate applications 10 to 20x faster than traditional storage while consolidating your data and achieve 2x better ROI than legacy storage arrays.

To learn more about the data protection and disaster recovery capabilities of Tegile flash arrays, read the technical white paper on IntelliFlash storage architecture…


Technical White Paper:
IntelliFlash Storage Architecture

Download White Paper



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