In a Twist, Tegile’s HA2800 Named ‘Best in Class’ by Research firm DCIG

To say that we here at Tegile are both thrilled and honored to have received ‘Best in Class’ by Research firm DCIG for our all-flash HA2800 product would be a vast understatement. This most recent award comes on the heels of the same product being named as Storage Magazine’s Product of the Year for 2012. Moreover, that award came right after a number of industry analysts sang our praises.
You might say that we’re really happy with the way that 2013 is starting out!

Both DCIG, who includes the Tegile HA2800 in their 2013 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide – and Storage Magazine have very accurately portrayed Tegile’s market-leading strengths which revolve around customer choice, flexibility, and performance. We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to connectivity and communications methods (iSCSI, Fiber Channel, NFS, CIFS) and that our customers deserve the best possible enterprise-grade features in their primary storage – De-Duplication, Compression, Thin Provisioning, Snapshots, Remote Replication, Application Profiles and more.

To these ends, Tegile has built the industry’s most customer-friendly, flexible hybrid and all-flash line of storage arrays, providing customers from across the IT spectrum a no-compromise storage solution that can meet every need from mundane file storage to critical, real-time big data analytics and everything in between. In fact, we even allow our customers to, based on their workloads needs, choose, on a volume basis, whether or not to use some of our enterprise grade features such as de-duplication.
DCIG recognized Tegile for the following:

  • The best balance of strengths across all scoring categories.
  • “Recommended” or “Excellent” in five of the six scoring categories.
  • Support for all evaluated VMware vSphere VAAI features.
  • Large RAM cache of 192 GB.

DCIG specifically took note of our “hybrid twist” as it pertains to the all-flash HA2800. You see, our dirty little secret is this: While the HA2800 can easily standalone as an awesome all-flash storage array for IOPS-hungry needs, it has the industry-unique capability to turn into a hybrid solution through the addition of up to two 72 TB J2800 expansion chasses. This additional 144 TB raw capacity is then front-ended by a the behemoth 4.4 TB HA2800 array, providing our customers with, hands down, the most flexible storage solution on the planet.

DCIG was also very interested in our FlashVols feature and specifically noted it in their report. FlashVols are simply volumes that an administrator can “pin” to ultra fast flash memory so that such pinned applications always operate with maximum performance. Again, we want to make sure our customers always have the flexibility to make the best possible decisions with regard to workload placement so that they can best meet their business needs.

Want to learn more about Tegile and learn about why we’re getting so much buzz? Look around our web site and make sure to contact us if you have any questions at all!

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