I spy with my one open eye – 750 XenDesktop VDI users!

Did you know dolphins and whales let one half of their brain sleep at a time? This allows them to keep one eye open to watch for danger. They also can still surface to get air, which they couldn’t do if they were all the way asleep.

I was reminded of this when I saw the results of the 750 User XenDesktop VDI Reference Architecture  Citrix just published that highlights Tegile’s HA2300 – a 2U hybrid storage array. Only 50% of the array’s IOPs, bandwidth and CPU capacity were utilized while getting hit with a 90% write workload.  They did this by using only one of the two controllers we have in our active:active controller architecture.  Best practice for a production environment? No way.  Easier to get a test done really quick and easy? Sure.

Said another way, about 750 Citrix XenDesktop users can fit in a 2U device, and when balanced across our HA controllers the array is running at 50% of it’s performance potential. Since disk arrays don’t have underwater predators (although there may be a few old IBM Shark arrays still out there), there is plenty of storage performance headroom to accommodate boot and login storms, bursty workloads, other VMs running production applications, SQL databases, or wait for it . . . more Citrix VDI XenDesktops.

Citrix Synergy is coming soon – May 6-8 in Los Angeles to be exact. Between now and then, I will post more about software features of the entire Zebi line, which are useful for creating an effective Citrix XenDesktop VDI environment. After the software feature discussion, there will be 3 more Citrix-Tegile blogs over the next few weeks. Next, I will talk about Tegile Hybrid and All Flash Storage Arrays and how these products address the VDI borne IO Blender effect, boot and login storms from a performance perspective. Lastly, to help those of you going to Citrix Synergy in three weeks, I’ll cover the features of some of our competitors in this space. Hopefully, they still have one eye open – because we’re coming for them.

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