IntelliStack™ storage: Tegile plus Cisco gives IT users what they want

The recipe to build a successful business with plentiful growth is simple. Give customers what they want, what they need — and make it easy for them. In a recent white paper, the Enterprise Storage Group reveals the survey results of IT spending for 2015 (see “Data Management and Analysis; Cisco and Microsoft: Optimal Infrastructure Strategies“.

Of 601 people surveyed, see the top three business initiatives that will most effect IT spending this year. This is a great indication of what the market wants.

IntelliStack melds with Cisco UCS to give IT users what they want

Tegile Systems in collaboration with Cisco has created a line of storage solutions called the IntelliStack. These solutions allow customers to acquire and build a whole converged infrastructure with a single click. In simplest terms, IntelliStack melds the Cisco UCS platform with flexible flash storage from Tegile. There is no need to build your platform piece meal.

A single SKU includes everything

With Intellistack, a single SKU includes everything, such as Servers, Flash Storage and Networking. Imagine that you want to set up a High-Performance Oracle RAC environment for Oracle Applications. With IntelliStack, you can give shape to your imagination without dealing with multiple vendors. You can buy the whole pre-configured, pre-validated infrastructure from a single source.

Synergy matters

Technology companies partnering with each other is nothing new; but success primarily comes from partnerships that have deep synergy. There are excellent reasons behind the coming together of Tegile and Cisco to deliver the IntelliStack to the enterprise market.

Top 3 Reasons for Tegile & Cisco to Deliver IntelliStack to Enterprises

  1. UCS allows repurposing of blade servers in minutes
    The UCS Service profiles allow the repurposing of blade servers within minutes. Repurposing blade servers lets an enterprise adapt to rapid changes in business needs. Service profiles automate the configuration of servers, NICs, HBAs and switches. With IntelliStack, flash storage becomes a part of that UCS Service infrastructure – talk about synergy! An IntelliStack customer is not forced to choose either all flash or hybrid flash. Tegile uniquely allows users to deploy all-flash and hybrid flash solutions using the same software. In fact, with Service profiles, a customer can deploy a variable combination of flash and disk in minutes.

  2. UCS provides a Lossless Unified Network Fabric
    Another cool attribute of Cisco UCS is its lossless Unified Network Fabric. This approach allows the infrastructure to deploy different types of network connectivity, iSCSI, FC, etc., with a minimum number of NICs and HBAs. In essence, a Unified Network Fabric allows the virtualization of the network connectivity protocol. This feature goes very well with Tegile flash solutions because Tegile arrays can support multiple network protocols from a single array. For example, a VDI environment may leverage FC or iSCSI for the virtual desktops; but the files and content that the virtual desktops use are on a single NFS share. Tegile arrays allow this dual functionality from a single array. Once again, synergy plays its part and Intellistack brings two great features from Cisco and Tegile together.

  3. UCS plus Intellistack support top business initiatives for IT
    The blog started by talking about three top business initiatives that will affect IT spending this year: Security / Risk Management, Cost Reduction, and Improved Data Analytics for Real-Time Business Intelligence and Customer Insight. How does Intellistack help here?

    • Security / Risk Management
      Rapid provisioning of servers and profiles reduces the risk that comes with not being able to adapt to growing business requirements. Rapid provisioning also enables consistent continuity of business when things break down.

    • Cost Reduction
      With the introduction of flash into the mix, businesses can realize a massive reduction in datacenter footprint that leads to proportional cost reduction in terms of licensing fees; hosting fees; and space, power and cooling costs.

    • Improved Data Analytics for Real-Time Business Intelligence and Customer Insight
      And finally, flash lends itself extremely well to deliver high-performance environments where low consistent latency is critical.

What is the market size for UCS & IntelliStack?

One final question you might wonder is exactly how big is the potential market for Intellistack? Here is one piece of data from Cisco’s own infographic.*

When we review Tegile’s huge installed base of customers, plus new Tegile customers coming online every day, we recognize that a good portion of our customers have Cisco UCS infrastructures. We expect that with Intellistack solutions, an increasing number of UCS customers will be able to support their top business initiatives for IT spending — when they rely on Tegile for storage.

Intellistack on review

If you would like to learn more about the Intellistack platform, write me a note or see the Tegile Intellistack on the road at the following locations:

14 May:Seattle
19 May:Dallas
TBD:New York City
TBD:Wahington, DC

To build a successful business, a company has to give customers what they want, what they need – and make it easy for them. When companies rely on Cisco UCS and Tegile Intellistack, companies and their customers can access the data they want — and need — with ease.

This blogpost written by Sumeet Bansal. To get to know this Tegile blogger, meet Sumeet.

*Access the full infographic here.

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