Interview: IT pros bring their storage woes to Sister Flash

Who are you?

My name is Sister Flash — hunter gatherer of all information related to people’s storage needs. Think of me as an Agony Aunt (although I prefer Sister!) who you can talk to about your IT environment so I can connect you with the right expert who can help you.

What do you do?

I work for the best next-generation storage vendor: Tegile Systems, of course! My job is to talk to as many people as possible during events, and find out what their IT problems and pain points are, and in which direction they want their business to head.

After I hear user needs, I connect people with the right storage expert on our team. The purpose of this blogpost is to share that we’re getting ready for Cloud Expo Europe at Excel In London.

How do you prepare for an event like Cloud Expo Europe?

Mentally I have to ensure that I am ready and raring to go from the moment that the event opens. This means making sure that I have my clipboard and pen ready, and my survey questions all lined up. Physically – it takes a lot of energy to work at a trade show all day – so I eat and sleep well the night before and try to think about all the storage pros I’ll get to meet the next day. I also make sure that I get some downtime and there’s no better place in the world than London to get some well needed R&R

How many people do you talk to?

In a day, I can whizz my way around 100 people or more. After a while, we find that people have common pain points: in many cases, storage is holding back their business.

Sometimes companies need to virtualise their servers and desktops but their ageing storage solution simply cannot cope with virtualisation. Databases also seem to be a major issue. After all, data is not getting any smaller anytime soon and the trend for the Internet of Things (IoT) is not slowing down, is it?

At other times people are running Big Data analysis or have applications that require millions of transactions per day and need a high-performance, but very dense, storage solution to help them get the best out of the rest of their IT environment and ensure that their datacenter remains as compact and low cost to run as possible.

Name one superpower that you would like to possess?

The power to teleport anywhere in the world — so that I can travel to all of the tradeshows that Tegile runs and help as many IT people as possible who struggle with performance and capacity problems. Because I know that Tegile can definitely help. After all, Tegile is the only company that provides one flash platform for ANY workload.

What’s your next big event?

After the Cloud Expo, I’ll pack my bags for events in April where Tegile will attend a series of Storage Solutions Technology Conferences in Hamburg, Munich, Neuss, and Frankfurt.

After that, I will administer to the storage needs of the people in the North of England at IP Expo Manchester in early May.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

For anyone who is coming to Cloud Expo Europe, Tegile is running a raffle draw where you can register for a chance to win a fabulous Oculus® Rift Virtual Reality Headset. Who knows? Maybe one day, storage users will be able to see and talk to Sister Flash virtually from anywhere in the world!

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