The Journey to the Virtualized Flash Datacenter

Are you running an increasing number of mission-critical applications within virtual environments? If so, you know that when workload volumes grow each day, it’s a challenge to continue to meet service-level agreements for performance and availability.

Data bottlenecks can occur. Storage is often the culprit.

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“The Journey to the Virtualized Flash Datacenter”

What’s a System Administrator to do?

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Find out how a well-designed infrastructure can help you meet performance requirements in the datacenter and deliver high availability for your server and desktop virtualized environment.

In this webinar, you will hear:

  • The latest in storage architecture: flash caching, server-side PCIe flash, hybrid and all-flash storage
  • The pros and cons for each storage architecture

Eliminate data bottlenecks

Eliminate the data bottlenecks that naturally occur when workload volumes grow. Attend this free webinar, and find out what you need to know to improve performance in your virtualized environments.

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