LBBS Wins the Case for Balanced Backup and File Sharing – Case Study

As a dynamic and diversified legal firm, LBBS Law is faced with an ever-increasing volume of sensitive data that needs to be stored, managed, and protected. Given the sensitive nature of legal data and extended retention periods that are driven both by regulation and the extended nature of legal proceedings, continued data growth is certain. The IT department constantly evaluates its underlying infrastructure to ensure that it is poised to meet these growth challenges, and adapts quickly to useful technology innovations, such as virtualization.

The firm stores both structured database data and unstructured data, including a growing number of file shares. LBBS Law uses VMWare for both server virtualization and its Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Although the company has had a comprehensive tape backup system in place for many years, by 2011 the system was proving increasingly difficult to extend and manage in a cost-effective manner.

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