Let’s Get Flashy on a Saturday

Tegile shares the latest in storage at SQL Saturdays

What does it take to motivate 700 tech pros to attend a conference on a Saturday morning? We found out at a recent SQL Saturday at the Microsoft Technology Center in Mountain View, California.

What is SQL Saturday?

You see, SQL Saturday is a free event where SQL Server experts from across the country share free technical training. For example, at the recent SQL Saturday, SQL experts presented these sessions:

  • How to Achieve Peak Performance from Your Virtual Servers, led by David Klee
  • Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014: Flipping the DW/Faster Bit, led by Jimmy May

SQL Saturdays are an ideal forum for professionals to ask about technology developments, such as “what’s the latest with flash storage for databases?” or “how does Cisco UCS platform work with a SQL Server environment?”

As the name suggests, these events occur on Saturdays so that people don’t have to take time off from work. In addition to free training, many sponsors set up tables staffed with tech experts who will answer questions on the spot.

The best DBAs and Developers are always learning”

In my role as a Senior Solutions Architect at Tegile, I interact with numerous DBAs and developers and can confidently say that the best ones are always learning. Microsoft has done a great job with their SQL Server platform; and not only is there a rich feature set that needs to be mastered, but there is also a constant addition of people who are beginning to learn the SQL Server platform from step one. On top of that, with adoption of flash for database acceleration, there is a whole new set of material and considerations that needs to be learned from the masters.

With adoption of flash for database acceleration, there is a whole new set of material and considerations that needs to be learned from the masters.”

The good thing is that SQL Saturdays take place in several parts of the world. For information on when this event happens near you, visit www.sqlsaturday.com.

Did you know?

Tegile offers innovative Flash storage solutions for MS SQL Server environments. If you have questions, come out and see how we can help. Team Tegile will be available at the following SQL Saturday Event in April:

SQL Saturday Ottowa

Ottawa, Canada
25 April 2015

Have a SQL challenge?

If you can’t wait for a SQL Saturday near you, and want to see how Tegile storage affects workloads on SQL Server, please see our white paper, Accelerating SQL Server on Tegile Intelligent Flash Storage Arrays.

In the meantime, if you would like to have a private discussion, feel free to reach out to me. For information about my experience as a Solutions Architect, see Meet Sumeet.

We hope to see you at a future SQL Saturday. Happy learning!

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