Let’s Get Our VeeamON

It’s VeeamON this week! Tegile is there with Promark, talking to attendees about how they can overcome their performance and data-protection challenges.

The “I/O blender effect” can be a real performance killer for virtualization since all your VMs (with vastly different I/O patterns) are all competing for the same storage resources. Tegile arrays can neutralize I/O blender effect by using DRAM and flash as a high-performance caching layers and employing intelligent caching algorithms to turn those choppy random I/Os into smooth sequential I/Os. Thus can get you 5X more I/Os per second.veeamON

Data protection (DP) can also be difficult. The old method of backup and recovery (using agents, plug-ins, media servers, and storage) becomes untenable when you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of VMs to protect. IT admins simply don’t have the time to babysit their backups. And keeping a bunch of fulls, incrementals takes up too much storage space.

To help you streamline data protection for your virtual environment, Tegile arrays have built-in snapshot and replication capabilities. You can take instantaneous, space-efficient snapshots of your data. The snapshots are VM-aware and application-consistent since Tegile arrays leverage VMware’s VAAI and Microsoft’s VSS. You can efficiently replicate these snapshots for DR purposes; only the new/changed blocks are sent over the WAN, making it very bandwidth friendly.

Veeam complements Tegile’s native HA/DP features, so you can get more granular with your recoveries. Veeam software supports agent-less backup, recovery, and replication for both VMware and Hyper-V environments. You can back up as frequently as every 15 minutes and perform granular VM-, application- and even item-level recoveries. The VM backup software really loves Tegile’s inline compression and deduplication. VM backup data is highly redundant, of course, so you can see huge data-reduction rates—up to 90%. Together, the two technologies offer a fast, resilient, and easy-to-manage storage solution that’s ideal for virtualized environments.

Mizuno USA is one customer who’s benefiting from the Tegile/Veeam combo. Before going with Veeam and Tegile, Mizuno USA had been struggling with data growth and painfully long backup windows. But once they deployed the Tegile/Veeam solution, they saw a dramatic improvement in their backup window and storage footprint. And it’s only getting better for them: “Our backup and deduplication efficiencies keep improving over time and we can tell each volume what kind of compression to use for even greater capacity optimization,” said Chris D’Angelo, Network Administrator at Mizuno USA.

Are you at VeeamON? If so, stop by and say Hi! If you weren’t able to make it to Vegas, I encourage you to watch our on-demand webcast: Veeam and Tegile provide high availability for the Modern Data Center.

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