Tegile is in the All-Flash Market for the Long Haul

When one thinks about all-out speed, they usually think about short bursts, like a sprinter. Full throttle performance usually isn’t sustained for long periods of time . . . until now.


The new T-Series all-flash and hybrid arrays from Tegile move hundreds of thousands of IOPS and can take writes all day long. All day long for a really long time. Each individual solid state drive (SSD) in these new arrays can take ten petabytes of writes before utilizing spare cells. Ten Petabytes! Compare that to the endurance of most other all-flash arrays in the market that use consumer grade cMLC flash media. Those drives withstand only about 350TB of writes until they show signs of wear. Put it this way: if your servers and network could write 3.5 terabytes of data per hour to a Tegile T-Series array, you could crank that data rate for seven years. How long on a cMLC based array? Ohhhhh, about 100 days. Talk about running on fumes.


When you are planning out your data center modernization, an OLTP technology refresh or kicking off a big data analytics project, consider using technology that is actually built for those workloads.

Compromise Nothing.

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