Hybrid, “Do you want to know…. what it is?”

The next line from the Matrix, one of my favorite movies, (the first one, not the sequels) goes something along the lines of the “it” being all around us, everywhere we look, we just do not consciously know it is there. Ironically, this is not far from the truth (ok, enough with the movie lines) when you consider just how much hybrid technology there is in the data center and in our lives. There are hybrid cars, (see Narayan’s great blog on this one) hybrid animals, and even hybrid foods. Technology in the data center is changing so rapidly that the only way to fully exploit the latest breakthrough is to incorporate it with the current technology you have. A great example of this in the compute tier is the use of CPUs and GPUs in the same server. This allows compute cycles to optimize on the right piece of hardware.

The storage industry is benefiting from the proliferation of flash media but unfortunately, many vendors in this crowded space are eager to play the role of Morpheus and try to force the customer to make a series of unnecessary choices and compromises. Red pill or blue pill? A much easier choice than the rabbit hole of choices they send their customers down. You take the red pill, and you have to start answering questions like these:

Is my workload critical enough to justify Flash? Are all of them? If I need it for a few, but not the others than what does this mean? Should I be considering two or more vendors? What type of Flash drives should I use? Will I be able to get the benefits of the next type of drive coming? Can I sacrifice storage protocols as part of deciding on flash vendor’s platform? Can I get away without some data services? Do I really need compression or de-duplication, or both? Do I need in-line for everything?
Enough already…. customers at this point wish they had chosen the blue pill.

The path that Tegile offers leads to a completely different set of questions: Can I choose a single platform that optimizes and balances the use of Flash technology across performance, useable capacity, protocols and of course cost? Is there a platform that allows the same storage OS to be used on an all flash or Hybrid array? Is there an optimized storage stack that can rapidly consume the latest SSD drive technology in terms of capacity, performance and interface type so I can continue to drive down my storage costs while increasing performance and capacity?

Tegile believes that application workloads benefit the most from the use of the latest drive technology available on the market. The use of hybrid drive technology in an array not only makes sense, it is part of the established and natural methodology where new technology is used with existing in a seamless manner.

You take the Tegile blue pill, and you stop making false choices for storage and get the benefits of the latest technology.

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