Does your business deserve the company named twice as “Storage Company of the Year”?

Why consider the company voted “Storage Company of the Year”? Take this quick test to see if your business deserves the company voted best in the Storage business.

Does your business suffer from

  • Slow login times
  • Databases that take too long to process data
  • Virtual desktops that don’t perform as well as expected
  • The high cost of space, power and cooling used by the data center
  • The inability to make fast decisions because reports take too long to process

If you ticked “yes” for any of the above

Get Tegile on your radar if your business suffers from any of the above challenges. Tegile all-flash and hybrid storage solve numerous business woes caused by hiccups in the data center. For quick examples, see what we do for Health Care, Banking and Finance, Government and Education. Or check out our happy customers who share real-life case studies about how they use Tegile for databases, VDI and virtualized environments.

If you ticked “yes” for all of the above

What are you waiting for? This is an emergency situation. Call the storage experts at Tegile today:
USA: 510-791-7900
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 203-651-5589
Netherlands: +31-20-4917575
Germany: +49-721-5099 8787

It does not cost more to switch to Tegile: When you consider all the costs to run a data center, Tegile flash arrays cost less.

When you trade up to Tegile, you solve business problems caused by slow storage – and you save money. Thanks to cost savings in power, space and cooling, the footprint of your data center can often be 30% smaller, along with lower costs to run it. Most customers find that the cost to switch to Tegile is written off in under two years – after that time, your Tegile storage saves you money each month – and still provides improved performance compared with your old system.

If you checked “yes” for all of the above, let our storage experts show you how to stop the suffering – and increase business fast, thanks to the performance of flash storage.

What’s the SVC Awards?

Any world wide company that supplies a broad range of storage products and services in the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa) can be nominated for an SVC award. Votes are validated to ensure that people qualify to vote (by being product users in our industry and by not being affiliated with the companies for which they vote).

Tegile is a proud two-time winner of this SVC award: Storage Company of the Year for 2014 and 2015. For more information about the SVC awards, click to see the Categories, Judging Process, and Finalists.

Business disruptions caused by the data center

If your business suffers disruptions caused by infrastructure in the data center, request a demo from the company voted Storage Company of the Year.

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