New Kids on the Storage Block

There is a wave of innovation that is disrupting an established industry. The new kids in storage are fueled by the economics and performance of flash as opposed to teenage girls. The new players are having success as they have built their systems to optimize the use of flash media. The established incumbents are struggling to stave off the assault and find themselves bolting on flash to their legacy operating systems. Customers are finding the “just add flash to what we have” design philosophy does not work with the modern workloads.
The panel at VMworld 2014 is packed with heavy hitters from several of the new storage companies that will outline the many approaches of using flash and how these benefit workloads.


The debate around how much flash, what kind of flash, and where it should reside, is fascinating on many levels. Unfortunately the noise level on this can reach a point where the music all blends, making it difficult for customers to choose amongst the new players. The good news is that some of the fundamentals are clear and cannot be drowned out by the background music.

  • Flash drives are still significantly more expensive than spinning media
  • You must have a storage operating system that was purpose built to intelligently exploit the attributes of flash
  • The storage OS should be intelligent enough to exploit different types of flash technology given the rapid pace of this technology
  • The flash investment must be a shared resource and accessible by as many storage protocols as possible for a wide variety of workloads.
  • The storage platform should use the right amount of flash to run the majority of workloads in a datacenter

Check out the session at VMworld if you are going to hear more from the experts in the industry. If you are reading this after the grand event, it would be well worth your time to get your hands on a recording.

The New kids are here, and we will continue to help our customers and disrupt the legacy approaches.

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