Optimize Your Datacenter Workloads with All-Flash Solutions for Private Clouds

Tegile Systems in Partnership
with Cisco Systems

Today, Tegile welcomes Cisco’s expansion of the MDS 9000 family to include an analytics-ready 32G Fiber Channel Module on MDS 9700 Directors and a new 32G Host Bus Adapter for the UCS C-Series. With the exponential rise in cloud and big data bandwidth, Tegile has partnered with Cisco’s datacenter Group enabling our joint customers to simplify storage and network management and reduce CAPEX and OPEX. It also enables them to consolidate all of their workloads onto a single flash platform.

Tegile and Cisco teams have worked closely together to deploy state-of-the-art SAN solutions that meet the unique application workloads that demand specific infrastructure SLAs for small to very large enterprises. The MDS 9718 Director switch is the industry’s highest port density storage switch and comes with fault-tolerant software upgrades. Connected to a Tegile storage system, the MDS 9718 is easy to use, fully redundant, and highly scalable. Additionally, the Tegile/Cisco solution comes complete with built-in auto-snapshot, auto-replication, near-instant recovery, on- or off-site failover, and virtualization management features.

Multi-Protocol Flexibility

Customers require more performance to support today’s latest technologies, such as multi-core processors, advanced memory, and emerging technologies like NVM Express (NVMe) over Fabric. Unlike most flash vendors, Tegile supports multiple storage protocols: iSCSI, SAN, NFS, and CIFS/SMB. With this level of flexibility and the operational simplicity provided by the MDS platform, enterprise customers can now realize investment protection for emerging workloads and media. Tegile welcomes this architectural innovation from Cisco.

Leading the NVMe over Fabric Revolution

Tegile is excited to partner with Cisco Systems in announcing NVMe over Fabric support on the MDS 9000 series, enabling our mutual customers to take advantage of the high performance and extreme low latencies offered by our complementary technologies. Both companies continue to innovate, improve efficiency, and simplify operations, enabling end-users to scale their workloads to achieve faster application response times.

Why Tegile + Cisco MDS Solution?

  • Both Tegile and Cisco are focused on customer choice, business outcomes, partner profitability and scalability. Tegile’s unique support of multiple storage protocols is complemented by Cisco’s multiple protocol story in the datacenter
  • Cisco’s MDS Product Portfolio is an extension to IntelliStack – Tegile’s converged infrastructure solutions portfolio
  • Tegile’s synergy with MDS, UCS and UCS-Director; Ease of Management with One platform for any workload, extreme performance, and one single OS to manage makes it very attractive for application upgrades and migrations
  • Managing and automating workflows via a single pane of glass using UCS-Director makes it very compelling for service provider and resellers to deploy infrastructure components as part of a “managed services” offering. This combination has been validated in the marketplace, and enterprise customers relish the fact this eliminates concerns about feature compatibility and interoperability
  • Our joint go-to-market and collaboration ensures components are interoperable and support customers’ deployments via common channel partners. This eases deployment into private cloud environments without having to compromise on FC investments

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