Oracle Validated Configuration with Cisco UCS and Tegile Flash Storage

It’s my pleasure to announce a new Oracle Validated Configuration with Oracle Database 12c Release 1, the Cisco UCS Series-B B200 M4 blade servers and the Tegile IntelliFlash array. This is part of a continued effort to highlight end-to-end interoperability of our all-flash arrays, the Oracle OS, and the Oracle Database stack.

Validated configurations go beyond hardware certification with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM by stress testing an integrated solution: Oracle software, running on Oracle Linux (or Oracle VM), and deployed on Tegile hardware. The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Validated Configuration Program enables Oracle to validate and publish best practice guidelines for implementing systems with the highest level of interoperability with our hardware.

The details of validated configurations are documented from the hardware layer through the Oracle software layer, including software, firmware and BIOS versions, required patches, and hardware and software settings. These best practice guidelines are freely available for anyone to use.

Customer deployments are greatly simplified when based on validated configuration guidelines because interoperability issues are identified, resolved and documented in advance. These guidelines reduce your testing and discovery efforts during implementation and enable you to deploy solutions more quickly and efficiently. Validated configurations have several benefits:

  • Achieve standardization and reliability with lower cost
  • Accelerate and simplify deployment of Oracle software on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  • Lower cost for end-users by reducing deployment testing
  • Mitigate customer risk

The following details highlight the current Oracle Validated Configuration. (Please see Oracle Validated Configurations that have been defined, tested, and validated by Tegile and Oracle.) Configuration summary – hardware:

  • Two Cisco UCS B200M4 blade servers
  • Tegile IntelliFlash T4700 array
  • Cisco MDS 9148s – 8GB FC SAN Switch

Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1340 Configuration summary – software:

  • Oracle Database 12c R1
  • Oracle Linux 7
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4

By applying the guidance from this Validated Configuration and using the products and technologies involved, you can be confident that your environment is validated by Tegile and Oracle.

For information on how Oracle Database 12c performs on a Tegile IntelliFlash all-flash storage array, check out the test results using the HammerDB tool with a TPC-C workload.

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