Pure Announces Plans To Bake An Even Bigger Pie

huge chinese pumpkin pie under construction

Hey Now! Pure Storage just filed for an anticipated IPO this morning and we couldn’t be happier for them here at Tegile. Make no mistake, we compete with Pure, so one might think that we don’t want to see them in the spotlight, but that would just be jealousy. The thing is, even though the enterprise flash storage market is taking big bites out of traditional disk-based storage market, it is still growing and we want it to grow faster. Why wouldn’t we? Tegile is completely committed to acceleration and transformation. As the first all-flash vendor to file for an IPO, Pure is validating the technology for everybody else in the industry. So thanks to Pure for increasing the size of the pie for enterprise flash arrays.

Itchy_and_Scratchy_History Companies in the storage industry are cross-pollinated with employees that have worked together over the years at previous employers and the Tegile team has good friends working for Pure. That doesn’t mean we won’t compete like Itchy and Scratchy to win over a customer, but we also want our friends to succeed and prosper. In this case, Pure’s IPO lifts all boats and we look forward to greater prosperity for everybody and more opportunities to compete.

2 comments on “Pure Announces Plans To Bake An Even Bigger Pie

  1. Wolf-Karsten Heintel on

    Hats off!!!

    This is probably the fairest and most appreciable statement that i’ve come across for a long, long time.

    Thanks A LOT to you guys. There’s still good in the world 🙂


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